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A Tribute to our Soldiers

Not sure what it is but when the universe really wants me to pay attention to something there really is no other way around it. I’m stealing this question from a recent Oprah show I watched but how many of us actually know someone in the military serving overseas right now? How many of us think about those soldiers who are fighting for our safety and freedom every day? Prior to my cousin, Drew, going overseas for his first time I really hadn’t thought about the war that much nor did I “know” anyone serving. Its like when you start thinking about buying a certain car and then all of a sudden you see that particular model on the road and highway all the time. That’s how I feel about our soldiers and their families – they are now constantly on my mind.

Since Drew’s deployment just before Christmas I have been asked to work on a project that to some capacity involves the US Military and how best we can create awareness around this particular organization. I don’t want to mention any details just yet but promise to do so when the project is launched. Also, I recently watched the Oprah Show episode about the bravest families in America featuring; Tom Brokaw, Bob Woodward, and First Lady Michelle Obama. In this episode we met families where the husband was away at war and severely injured, a mother who lost her son during active duty, and a military wife and mother who is constantly moving from city to city supporting her family while her husband is at war. I was so moved by these stories and of course during moments I broke into tears.

Recognition for those serving in the military

The biggest “take-away” that I learned from this show was that there are still so many families being effected every day by the war and many of them don’t have the support that they greatly deserve. What can we do? This was my favorite part of the show and the one that I’m most excited to take some action in my own neighborhood. The littlest things matter and recognizing your neighbors who have family members in battle is easy when they post such banners in their windows at their home. You can give these neighbors a simple Thank You note, shovel their driveway, ask if you can send their family member a care package and what they like to get from home. Again, the littlest things can make the biggest difference. One local company is ensuring that our soldiers get a free Welcome-Home party to thank them and to give them a taste of Cincinnati. Gold Star Chili calls this program, “Serving Our Troops.” I think there is a two-week notification period but this seems like a great way to get 19 friends + soldier in one place for a little Cincinnati-style party.

I also want to recognize Military wives who are supporting their family while their husbands are away at war. I have such a friend who is now getting ready to move to a new city and home her fourth time in four years and she thinks this is good compared to others. I think that is crazy and can’t seem to think of my life being uprooted that many times in 4 years. I commend these women who not only are living their lives without their significant other but they are also trying to help their spouse transition back into their normal everyday life that live day after day without them while they are at war. Can you imagine re-introducing your husband to the morning routine before the kids go off to school because he has been overseas for 18 months?

I am finally realizing the sacrifices that those who serve and their families make everyday. Thank you to my cousin, Drew, and thank you to the many other men and women who allow the rest of us to feel safe and free everyday.


HOLY Guacamole

Let me go ahead and preface this post with the following statement, I am not a food blogger nor do I claim to be one with this post.  If you are looking for a more professional food blog you could hit up The Food Hussy, she has a fabulous food blog that is updated all the time with great foods and places to eat.  I’m merely trying to give my opinion on one of the best foods that I’m in love with right now, guacamole!

Why am I writing a post about guacamole?  I’m not a guacamole connoisseur but I have had my fair share of good and bad guacamole and yesterday I found a new one to try.  I was walking through Whole Foods in Rookwood looking for an old favorite of jalapeño hummus and pita chips but then in the produce section when you first walk in was this sample of guac.  I’m not one to sample foods especially when it isn’t manned but the guac was calling to me and I was dying to give in, so I did.  WOW, taste buds were happy with my decision and I threw 2 containers in the cart (little did I know they were over $4 a piece).

You must try this!

When I got home I had to dig in and now today at work this container was packed with my lunch.  I know I know, I’m obsessed!  But this isn’t the only great guacamole I’ve had, let me list out the other great guacs that make my MUST EAT list.  In no particular order:

1. Chipotle – there is something about their guacamole and lime chips that I can’t get enough of in one sitting.  They have the perfect proportion of lime, onion, salt, guac and whatever else is in there that makes this guac so tasty.

2. My Bestie’s – no, this is not a brand you don’t know about this is my bestie Kendra’s recipe.  Kendra claims that she got the recipe from Chipotle but part of me thinks she added her own flavor because this guac is damn good.

3. Nada – Have you ever been to Nada downtown Cincinnati?  Their combo of guac and homemade chips is mouth watering.  One of my favorite places to go if I’m feeling swanky Mexican but on the cheap because I can get an order of the guac/chips and a drink and walk out of there with tummy full and not breaking the bank.

Do you have a favorite guacamole that you want to share?  Or maybe you have a recipe?  If you leave me a recipe I’ll try to make it or maybe I’ll send it over to Kendra because she owes me a batch!  Leave me a note!

Woah Nelly!

Ever feel like the world is spinning way faster than you can manage? That is where I am in my life and I’m trying to find ways to slow it down and smell the roses. I am beginning to think that I’m just not wired for that type of lifestyle though. My opinion is when God was thinking about sending me to my parents he was putting together a recipe that would be like this; 1/2 cup of Tasmanian devil, 3/4 cup of Disney-like Princess……and 1/2 cup attitude! Just kidding on the attitude part (sort of). But seriously, I need to take control of my schedule and organize a bit better. Any ideas?