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Fat Jeans for My Girlfriends

Have you missed my rants? I know that one friend (a-hem Kendra) loves them and thinks that they are funny. I haven’t been in a rant-kind-of-mood lately but I really got heated after driving north on I-71 after being at work downtown yesterday. Going up 71 listening to Pandora (I love you iPhone) and then out of the corner of my eye I see a billboard that reads something like, “Give your fat jeans to your girlfriend.” REALLY? That’s what girlfriends do these days? They just give their “FAT” jeans to each other. When was the last time you asked your friend if she wanted your “FAT” jeans to wear? I’m assuming that you have never asked that of your friend because you are FRIENDS!

What was the billboard message for? Again, I was driving up 71 from work and I didn’t have time to give it my full attention but I believe it was for a fitness club called, Keep it Tight Fitness, located here in Cincinnati. I don’t want to harp too much on a local fitness club especially when it is a boutique shop and not some over-hyped big box fitness center but I couldn’t help to think how harsh that message was for me. After seeing that billboard I keep replaying a conversation in my head similar to this:

“hey, I don’t fit in my fat jeans anymore but thought maybe I could pass them along to you.”

“oh thanks, I love when my friends pass me the jeans that don’t fit them because they have lost weight and I am in need of jeans that used to be their size, how did you know I wanted your fat jeans?”

Would you want her to give you her "FAT" jeans?

Could you imagine that conversation? I’m obviously exaggerating a bit but that is what the billboard made me think about.  Maybe that is the idea, get the overweight chicks to think about their friend passing them the fat jeans – is it reverse psychology? Am I being too sensitive? What do you think about the billboard? Did you see it and if you did, what did it make you think about if anything at all? I love marketing and I love a good discussion, so let’s hear your thoughts.




To me it feels like Christmas is coming early because blueberry season is just around the corner. Typically, blueberry season at Rouster’s Berry Patch doesn’t start till the last weekend in June or the first weekend in July. Not this year! This year blueberries will be ready for you to pick this Saturday, June 19th.   Here’s the scoop:

{What} Rouster’s Berry Patch has blueberries and thornless blackberries that are U-Pick. Literally, you (and the whole family) pick them! Don’t worry this really isn’t back-breaking hard work but you will want to get there early for the easier picking. Most bushes are right at eye-level height and picking these ripe berries with the whole family makes for a great outing. Don’t worry if your kids eat the berries while they are out in the patch….we weigh them and will just charge you as you leave, haha!  This weekend is the start of the Blueberries only, the blackberries won’t be ready just yet.

{Where} Rouster’s Berry Patch is located on State Route 131 across from the Apple House which is located at 1986 State Route 131, Milford, OH 45150. If you are coming up through Milford on 131 the Berry Patch will be on your right side. Look for the flaggers as they will direct you where to park.

{When} Rouster’s Berry Patch will have its first U-Pick weekend on June 19, 2010. Typical time you will want to get there will be by 7:30/7:45am because the patch will be open from 8am to noon. I do NOT suggest getting there by 11 if you expect to get the best berries or the “easiest-to-pick” berries.

{How} Once you get to the patch and get the family SUV parked then what?  You will want to stop in at the Berry Barn to pick up your buckets.  These white buckets will be lined with Rouster berry bags ready for you to fill.  You will want to dress ready to pick out in a patch with the possibility of getting a bit wet from the dew in the grass.  My suggestion would be an old pair of sneakers or cute golashes with a t-shirt and shorts/pants as you could go far out in the patch with some distance walking.

{Pricing} U-Pick Blueberries are $2.50 per lb and U-Pick Thornless Blackberries (when they are in season, possibly July) are $3.00 per lb.  Payment can be made via Cash or Check (with a valid drivers license) only.  Sorry no Credit Cards out in the country!

{Other} For some general rules or slight reminders:

~ Look for your “Berry Guide” to give you directions on which rows to pick in.  We try to keep the masses all going down specific rows to pick so that we can ensure all berries are picked well enough to grow back for the week after.  We will keep you all in one direction but there will be plenty to pick from.  Your “Berry Guides” for the season will be Me (Jesy), John, Carol, Karen, Dan and other helpful volunteers.

~ Please be friendly to your neighbor U-picker.  If you are picking on a bush and a fellow picker comes along and also picks on “your” bush, it is okay because there are plenty of berries to go around.

Do you think this looks like a blueberry?

~ You can purchase water bottles and Cider Pops (my personal fav!) from the Berry Barn to help cool off from all the picking!

~ There is a pond on the property so please keep an eye on your little ones.  We don’t let kids near the pond unless they are with a parent.

~ Have FUN!

We hope you join us this summer at the patch and if you see me (I made a t-shirt on with my name on the back) make sure to come say hello.