About Jesy-ism

Picture 263Oy, I’m 28 years old!  I love my husband George (little plug for him, http://www.battleforohio.com) and our little life is pretty good.  We have 2 dogs, Carson and Housh, and we each get up every morning to go to a job (me at US Digital Partners and him at The Kroger Company).  That is pretty lucky these days!  Mostly, I’m doing this blog because everyone else has a blog and I sit here and think, hmmmm….this could be a fun little journal.  And it is so far.

I love markeing, social media, networking, winning deals, and talking.  I live and breathe for social interaction whether it is catching me on my Blackberry Eris iPhone, hit’en me up Twitter style (@JesyHerron), poking me on Facebook or just plain connecting with me on LinkedIn, I love it all!  Recently I have been called, “The Hub” and I take this new found title pretty seriously as I love to help others connect as well.

What you will find on my blog is a little of this and a pinch of that, I hope you enjoy!

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