Fat Jeans for My Girlfriends

Have you missed my rants? I know that one friend (a-hem Kendra) loves them and thinks that they are funny. I haven’t been in a rant-kind-of-mood lately but I really got heated after driving north on I-71 after being at work downtown yesterday. Going up 71 listening to Pandora (I love you iPhone) and then out of the corner of my eye I see a billboard that reads something like, “Give your fat jeans to your girlfriend.” REALLY? That’s what girlfriends do these days? They just give their “FAT” jeans to each other. When was the last time you asked your friend if she wanted your “FAT” jeans to wear? I’m assuming that you have never asked that of your friend because you are FRIENDS!

What was the billboard message for? Again, I was driving up 71 from work and I didn’t have time to give it my full attention but I believe it was for a fitness club called, Keep it Tight Fitness, located here in Cincinnati. I don’t want to harp too much on a local fitness club especially when it is a boutique shop and not some over-hyped big box fitness center but I couldn’t help to think how harsh that message was for me. After seeing that billboard I keep replaying a conversation in my head similar to this:

“hey, I don’t fit in my fat jeans anymore but thought maybe I could pass them along to you.”

“oh thanks, I love when my friends pass me the jeans that don’t fit them because they have lost weight and I am in need of jeans that used to be their size, how did you know I wanted your fat jeans?”

Would you want her to give you her "FAT" jeans?

Could you imagine that conversation? I’m obviously exaggerating a bit but that is what the billboard made me think about.  Maybe that is the idea, get the overweight chicks to think about their friend passing them the fat jeans – is it reverse psychology? Am I being too sensitive? What do you think about the billboard? Did you see it and if you did, what did it make you think about if anything at all? I love marketing and I love a good discussion, so let’s hear your thoughts.


8 responses to “Fat Jeans for My Girlfriends

  1. Where is it on 71? That is horrible! I would be hurt if my girlfriend said that to me. I would rather them say “hey I need a workout buddy so we can get out of our fat pants together and go shopping! Want to join me?” haha

    Love your rants!

    • Kendra,
      You might miss it the way you get on 71 to go home. It think it is before Dana but I’m pretty sure it is before Smith/Edward. Look for it on the right side. I agree with you – the tactic is horrible. If they only had so many words to use for a billboard they should have considered a different phrase IMO.

  2. I saw that billboard too, and it pissed me off. Definitely did not entice me to head on over to that fitness place and plunk down my hard-earned dollars. If they wanted their brand to seem bitchy and judgy, mission accomplished.

    P.S. A few years ago my family member lost a significant amount of weight. She actually inspired me to lose weight, too (which I have since regained, natch). During my weight-loss process, though, she tactfully offered me some of her nicer clothes that she no longer fit in — her “fat” clothes, as it were. I appreciated the offer very much and used the clothes until I got thinner. But it was obviously done in a much different spirit than the billboard implies.

    • Oh good – I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! I agree, it did seem “bitchy” and “judgy” and maybe that is what they were going for in their message.

  3. Don’t. Get. Me. Started. If this was a “lets conserve resources and share our clothes that don’t fit anymore” I’m totally on board. Having gone through three sizes in the last year, I’m sick of spending money on clothes. But I’ve never said to any of my friends, “Hey, I have some old FAT pants and since you’re still FAT I figured you’d appreciate my FAT generosity.” The whole concept of what “fat” is, how we use it as a judgment about people’s character, and how we idolize the “skinny” is totally screwed up. I get a sick enjoyment out of conversations with people who assume that because I’m fat I’m completely unhealthy and lazy. Unhealthy and lazy people don’t run 15+ miles a week.

    Ok, I’m just ranting now. Better save some room for the rest of ya’s.

  4. I love the rant and that is EXACTLY how I felt. Well, I can’t say that I’m running 15+ miles like you but I’m not completely unhealthy or lazy either. So happy that I’m not the only one pissed/upset/horrified by this billboard. I’ll double check the fitness club on the FAT billboard tonight on my way home to double check the name of the club.

  5. The way this society deals with “fat” is awlful. I agree about the advertisement but there is a bigger picture here. No one ever lose weight and keep it off by nagging, bullying, doctors (usually), threats or hurting their feelings. Take it from someone who lost 70lbs, keep it off for 3 years, then slowly gained 50 back. Now I am working on losing 30 lbs. So far so good. But weigh is a personal thing. It is just out there for everyone to see. “Fat” people are treated badly at cosmetic counters, restaurants, stares, media, etc. We need to treat overweight people well and with dignity until they decided to do something about it and then hopefully, it is a safe and reasonable programs.

  6. I have to comment here – coming from the agency that created the billboard for Keep It Tight Fitness. First off, I do understand everyone’s “rants” above. Coming from a 30-something year old mom who has struggled with the size of my pants nearly every day of my life – I hear ya loud and clear and understand where you are coming from. Being overweight or feeling like you need to drop a few lb’s is tough – emotionally, mentally, physically, etc. It is a very sensitive subject. And yes, the way that society “treats” and “deals” with “fat” people isn’t right or good and it isn’t fair.
    However, I do have to say, in defense of the billboard, that the intention of the headline was not to offend anyone. The intention WAS to get attention, which it obviously did. Keep It Tight Fitness is a small gym off Field’s Ertel that cater’s to a very specific audience. They are not trying, as many fitness facilities and gyms are, to reach out to the women in the community who “need” to lose weight – but rather the women that are already in fairly good shape and want to just go the extra mile and get ripped. It is a very different approach than what we are used to seeing or understanding a gym to be.
    When coming up with headline ideas for this board, there was a lot of discussion and lots of ideas thrown around. When it came down to it, there had to be something that made Keep It Tight stand out and sound different from all the other big box facilities within a blink of an eye. The owner of the gym (pictured on the billboard) felt that this was the best option. We knew going in to it that some women wouldn’t agree with the tone or the message, but again, it wasn’t meant to be taken literally or to offend – but just to grab the attention of a very specific demographic of women.
    I am sorry that the message upset you all. I hope you do understand the angle from which we were coming at it though.

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