Where did I find this ad?

In my efforts today of checking out websites for prospects that I plan to call on I came across this interesting ad.  Before I call on a prospect whether it is a warm lead or a cold call I do research on the website.  This particular website had this little ad that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share with you.  So, where did it come from?  What do you think it is advertising?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you guess it right I’ll give you a Caramel Apple sucker that is sure to please!

Here is the ad:

What is this advertising?

Pretty funny, huh?  So here are your hints to help you guess although I’m not sure how much they will help.

{Hint #1} The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH

{Hint #2} The company is on the Cincinnati 100 list that was shared in the Cincinnati Enquirer this past Sunday in the Business Section.

{Hint #3} They are considered to be in a couple of industries one begin healthcare and another being hospitality.

Do you have a guess yet?  Either way this ad still cracks me up.  Submit your guesses and if you win I’ll send you or hand deliver (depending on where you are) the most yummy seasonal sucker you’ll ever have in your life.


4 responses to “Where did I find this ad?


  2. Hi Jesy! I know you don’t know me, so please forgive the random unrelated comment, but I am a marketing major at the University of Dayton and I’m interested in applying to intern this summer at US Digital. I was just wondering if you could give me any advice about applying. I would really appreciate any and all information! Thanks so much!

    PS Those caramel apple suckers really are amazing. Great choice!

  3. …hmmmm, mom and I never would have guessed that. Although, she came up with mattresses, which I deemed a noteworthy second.

    Another honorable mention for advertising brought to my attention:

    “We know snot”

    Found on a billboard in Columbus, OH as a slogan for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

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