Some introductions need to be made.

Yesterday I made a fatal mistake on Facebook and posted something about my horrible heartburn I was having in the middle of the night.  Why is this a fatal mistake, because heartburn is connected to pregnancy and my little secret quickly crept out between the hours of 3:00 am and 10:00 am when I got to work and checked my Facebook newsfeed.  How was I supposed to know?  Did you know that heartburn is also linked to babies with lots of hair?  Love those old wives tales I keep hearing!

also a slight plug for Clearblue

Officially I feel like there needs to be an introduction to our little lime also known as Baby Herron.  {cheers, clapping, hooting and hollering}  Don’t worry, I’m not completely changing the direction of this blog into a “Mom Blog” but if you want those updates you can check out my newest blog The Herron Nest. As a request to one of my readers, I will track the big milestones and keep you posted as to whether or not the Herron family is Team Pink or Team Blue.  Stay tuned….we are a little over a month away from that news!

For other Baby Herron updates you can follow my hilarious husband also known as Mr. Preggers on Twitter.  We all know how the pregnant women feel but what exactly is going through the man’s head as they he is supporting his pregger wife?  Mr. Preggers will fill you in on all the honest and hilarious details.

So when are we having this baby?  One can never be too sure but the due date they gave us is April 1st.  That’s right, April Fools Day!  I’m crossing my fingers to have the baby on the 1st but I’m not sure Baby Herron will like that too much when they are old enough to understand that it is a day full of jokes.

Thanks again for all the well wishes you gave me on Facebook, we hope to have a happy and healthy Baby Herron.


One response to “Some introductions need to be made.

  1. What are you crazy? Any kid of mine will LOVE being born on April Fools Day!

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