NFL Foodies beware!

I feel like it is two-time Tuesday because you are getting 2 blogs in one day from me.  The truth of the matter is I’m just so darn excited about the upcoming football season.  Do you live in Cincinnati?  If you do and you drive downtown, check out the Nationwide billboard on I-71 South because it is an awesome Cincinnati Bengals kick-off countdown.  People, we are at 5 days till Who-dey time.

Fast-forward 5 days to Sunday morning when your hubby or significant other tells you in passing that 10 of his personal friends and their spouse will be over for kick-off.  What to serve?  Don’t panic, I’m a mastermind of the quick dips and will leave you with some tips to help you get through the football hunger season.

First, lets get to the basic “must-haves” in the kitchen:

  • Light Mayo
  • Light Sour cream
  • Dip seasoning
  • Beer
  • Chips
  • Veggies
  • Pretzels
  • Crackers

{Here are 4 snacks that will be a cinch to whip up for your man and his clan}

Use the mayo and sour cream to help make an assortment of dips.  I always keep these two staple items in my fridge because all I have to do is mix a cup of each + dip seasoning and I’m done!  You can mix 4 different dips to easily pair with pretzels, crackers, chips and veggies.  That leaves you with FOUR great appetizers that will tie over a group for an entire game if you bring one new app out for each quarter.  Obviously the beer is an added bonus to help wash down those yummy treats!

EWWW! Who would eat anything out of these containers?

Keep checking back each week as I’ll have another quick appetizer or go-to meal to serve your buddies during the NFL season.  One quick tip to do now, get out to your local Kroger and pick up your favorite team napkins and plates.  Stock up now so you have enough to last you all season as these will go fast.



One response to “NFL Foodies beware!

  1. great idea! Can’t wait to start watching the games!

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