Fantasy Football Virgin

Tis the season full of Football and this year will be my first year freaking out over my fantasy players.  Every year for as long as I can remember my husband has been in at least a couple of fantasy football leagues and I mildly had interest in joining.  He has a “keeper” league that you pay into and I again had mild interest.  But this year I got the sacred invite to his free league and I accepted.

You can’t just jump into a fantasy league draft and expect to do good, there is homework and planning involved that will help the draft run smoothly.  George worked with me on making sure I understood what the best positions there were to draft and when, there is actually strategy!  I’m not sure I can give away these secrets but just know that because I learned I was able to draft a pretty good team for my first time.

ummm.... NO, you may not!

One of my favorite parts of the draft was the online chat trash talk, oh yea I was serving some pretty nasty digs at my fellow drafters last night.  For instance, you get 1:30 to make your draft pick when it is your turn.  I did my homework so I would make my picks almost instantly when it was my turn to draft but this fella right next to me would LITERALLY take his sweet a$$ time and take his full 1:30 to make a pick.  So I went ahead and talked some trash about how long it was taking him to pick.  I eventually backed down but it was still fun.  Then someone picked a kicker pretty early (when I say pretty early I mean it wasn’t the last pick……all part of strategy!) and I had to trash talk about that!

Do you want to know who I’m going to be rooting for this NFL Season?  I figured you were on the edge of your seat!

  • QB – Matt Ryan
  • WR – Reggie Wayne
  • WR – DeSean Jackson
  • RB – Maurice Jones-Drew
  • RB – Matt Forte
  • TE – Brent Celek
  • W/R (flex pos.) – Joseph Addai
  • Defense – Philadelphia Eagles
  • Kicker – Lawrence Tynes (who, yea I don’t know either but he’s a kicker so who cares!)

The rest are Bench Players but I’ll let you know who I have for the back up roster:

  • WR – Terrell Owens
  • RB – Clinton Portis
  • QB – Donovan McNabb
  • TE – Chris Cooley
  • RB – Darren Sproles
  • WR – Arrelious Benn

I’m excited to be a part of this club and can’t wait for the kick-offs to begin this amazing season!  I’ll keep you posted on how I do week-to-week but I’m hoping to at least be 3rd place for my first time!


2 responses to “Fantasy Football Virgin

  1. So exciting! I’m actually going to be participating in a football pool this year. Should I pick my teams based on which colors I like better? haha

  2. HAHA, that strategy didn’t work so well for me during the NCAA tournament but who knows, it could work for you.

    Did you pick up the Football for Wives book?

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