The Cuban Missile

Let me preface this blog post by stating that I’m NOT trying to compete with my husband’s blog.  If you want to read more about sports then you are on the wrong blog, check out and that will surely give you the sports fix you are needing.  I’d like to categorize this post under “Rant a little Wednesdays” and you will soon realize why I did that!

George and I watched the Reds game last night after eating at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, El Pueblo.  I have to admit that before this season if my husband ever wanted to watch the Reds game on TV I would silently groan a bit because I really just didn’t ever want to torture myself with that kind of boredom.  But last night I was actually excited to watch the game and I’m glad I did, sort of.  I think we turned on the tube at the 6th inning and LeCure was pitching.  The game was pretty exciting and at this point the announcers were hinting that the “Cuban Missile” was to make an appearance at the pitchers mound, Aroldis Chapman was to make his MLB debut.

Chapmania was happening at the GABP while Aroldis made his way to the mound, everyone was super stoked and stood for the entire time he pitched (one inning).  I was also extremely excited BUT there was this one super annoyance I have with Mr. Chapmania…..the way that man chomps on his gum.  GROSS!  It is so disgusting, like the way a horse rolls hay around in its mouth or like my brother, Brian, chews his gum.  Have you ever seen Brian chew gum?  Don’t even try it near me because I make him spit it out as soon as he gets it in his mouth.  Totally annoying.  Want to see  for yourself Aroldis chomp on gum?  Check out the first minute or so of this video: 

I know, I know, I’m pretty judgmental but I couldn’t help not talking about this because it bothered me the entire time he was throwing pretty “sick” pitches.  I’m excited to see his career as a Redleg but I hope that no one hands him a bag of Big Chew before he leaves the bullpen.


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