Brands with ‘Mayorship’ Benefits

Finally a brand that I really care about is offering a benefit to their beloved Foursquare “mayors.” Starbucks announced mid-day today they will be giving $1.00 off their Frappucinos to Foursquare mayors, their first promotion on the geo-location service.

What does this mean for me who has gleefully taken mayorship at two Cincinnati Starbucks?  At first I was thinking nothing, have you seen a Starbucks Frappucino?  Those things look like they could just cling to your hips, butt and thighs in 2.5 seconds after you take that first sip.  But then I actually looked up the nutrition facts and noticed the Grande, Non-fat, Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino Light Blended beverage was only 170 calories.  That aint too bad, only 40 calories more than my daily order of a Grande, light foam, Skinny Vanilla Latte.  With the $1.00 off promotion I’ll be giving the Frappucino a chance tomorrow morning.

My next question, how much effort will I need to put into protecting my mayorship?  I live near two locations that are rarely discovered by other Cincinnati Foursquare users and now I’m really going to need to “check-in” each and every time I’m going through the drive-thru.  No matter if I get the lovely “force-close” message on my Droid or not, I’m committed to keeping my mayorship and I look forward to other incentives for the Starbucks Mayors.

What about you?  Are you on the Foursquare bandwagon or are you reading this post thinking of the game you played on the blacktop at your elementary school?  Let me know!


One response to “Brands with ‘Mayorship’ Benefits

  1. Hi Jesy!

    Sorry for the long lag in communication.
    I’m still alive, and from the looks of your blog, so are you! I’ve got a signed copy of my new book ready for you…if you still want it. I’ve already had a person ask permission to make her own ‘Team Ash’ t-shirts if that’s any indication of the Twihard response thus far. Drop me a line and we’ll catch up!

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