Baby stuff everywhere

It seems as though I’m surrounded by babies these days.  It feels like 80% of my friends are either prego or just had a baby (don’t know actual stats) which means I’m going to a LOT of baby showers.  This is the trend for my age though, about 3-5 years ago I was going to a lot of wedding showers so it is just natural that I should be attending baby showers and there have been quite a few.  Where am I going with this…. I have been doing baby showering shopping and I just cannot believe all the stuff that comes with having a baby.  For one of the showers I attended a few months back, my mom and I were both invited and decided to go in on a present together.  The two of us were shopping at Target and my mom was just blown away with all the new exciting things for babies.  Me on the other hand didn’t really know the difference between what they used “back then” to what they use “now” except I did notice that there was just a lot of what they used.

You of course have your staple items; diapers, stroller, crib, car seat, pacifiers, baby food, bibs, onsies, bottles and blankets.  But then in between all of those items you have all the details and the little stuff like sheets and bumper pads for the crib and 30 different kinds of bottles that either help with reducing the air that the babies inhale as they take their bottle to a better shape for the mommy to hold the bottle and not to mention the tube that helps hold the baby when they take the bottle.  HOLY COW I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it!  I also have to admit that this is scaring me a bit too.  I’m sure by now that you all know hubs and I are thinking about starting a family of our own (we even have a blog address claimed for “family” stuff) not sure how because I’m such a private person.  Lots of sarcasm there!  But I will need a team of new mommies to help sort through all the baby stuff to figure out what I’ll really need and really use.  Nothing is worse than registering for a bunch of crap that is only used once or never used at all.

So my message to all you prego friends and new mommies (first, congratulations) you better help your dear old friend because I’m sure if you don’t that I’ll get completely lost at Babies R Us!


6 responses to “Baby stuff everywhere

  1. My favorite line in that whole thing? “Nothings worse than registering for a bunch of crap that is only used once or never used at all.”

    What you mean like the China we registered for when we got married?

    • DIRTY move but I respect the play! Can’t help the fact that I wanted China, I can see when we are old with kids of our own and their kids that we will use and love that China. Just look at the big picture hubs.

  2. I love it… a baby will be popping out before we know it from you! Since I am not a mom I will do my best to help you get organized and I’ll be the best “aunt” this kid will ever have (sorry Jami)

  3. Oh I will be with you all the way woman! Don’t worry – MomE is here 🙂 Tee Hee!

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