Rant a little Wednesday

I'm ranting about myself, now this isn't right

I’m going to be taking a new twist on todays rant because I’m not going to be ranting about others, just myself.  I have this little problem of losing EVERYTHING.  You name, I’ve lost it.  But these past few weeks has been worse, way worse, because I can’t seem to remember where I have put my things.  I’m constantly doing circles around the house, my car and checking every pocket, purse and drawer to find my lost items.

My recent losses are the following:

  • My ticket to see Wicked with my mom and mother-in-law (MIL).  The day we were going up to Dayton to see the play I call MIL and asked her if she had the tickets.  Her response was that she had her ticket and my mom’s ticket but she reminded me that she gave my ticket to me at Christmas.  Oh right, that was about 2 1/2 months ago therefore should be in our “important stuff” drawer.  I went to check that drawer (about an hour before I’m supposed to head up to Middletown to pick up my MIL) and there was no ticket.  CRAP!  I had to call MIL back and tell her that I didn’t have the ticket and I think I may have left it at her house.  At this point I really have no idea where the ticket is but I’m hoping that it is under the couch or in the cushion of the couch I was sitting in at Christmas.  NOPE!  This little story does have a happy ending because we were able to have a new ticket printed once we arrived at the Schuster Center.  Whew!
  • My favorite pair of sunglasses are missing.  I typically have them in my purse and they are always in their case and in the same spot but when I went looking for them because it was sunny this weekend they were gone.  At this point I’m wondering if there is some sort of creature living in our house that is either hiding my things or just eating them so I’ll never find them again.  I have yet again searched everywhere for these glasses.  I’ve searched high and low and in the most unusual places thinking I just put them down somewhere but neither the case nor the glasses are anywhere to be found.  How is this possible?  How am I so forgetful and where does this trait come from?
  • This is the one that has been putting me over the edge, I lost my iPod.  ERRR!  I just used the darned thing this past Sunday and I’ve been searching for it since Monday evening.  This is another item that I have a case for and I typically have it with the case so this morning I found the case and there is still no iPod to be found.  I’m trying to rack my brain to hopefully have a clue as to where I misplaced my valuable music but can’t seem to figure it out.

Hopefully I’m not the only one that is constantly back-peddling to find all their lost items.  I’m not the most un-organized person in the world but clearly I’m not the most organized either.  HELP, does anyone have any tricks to remember where lost items can be found?  Or do you have the same problem as me?


8 responses to “Rant a little Wednesday

  1. Did you look under the seats of your car or on the sides of the seats? Maybe you should put a basket on your bay window that will hold your keys, glasses, ipod, and other important items… just don’t make it a junk drawer or that would look bad and when people come and look at the house just tuck it away.

  2. My concern is that if this is happening to you now I can’t imagine what you will be losing at
    50!!! I can walk into a room and forget why..and then I have to ask Bill if he knows what I wanted…..

  3. “St. Anthony, St. Anthony
    Please come down
    Something is lost
    And can’t be found”

    That’s all I got for ya – I’m not good at remembering where things are either! 🙂

  4. FABULOUS NEWS!!!!!!! I found my iPod and my favorite sunglasses!!!! 🙂 What a great day!

  5. Can we please stop referring to my mom as MIL. It is dangerously close to MILF and that makes me kind of sick.

    Thank you.

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