Rant a little Wednesday

Watch out people, here she goes again!

So as I was thinking about this Wednesdays post I was having a hard time trying to find something to rant about and then two things surfaced rather quickly.  Funny how things work out.

They have spoken!

My first rant is an article that I found on Twitter that was posted from http://www.twitter.com/CinciEnquirer : “@Cincienquirer:Mason man  sentenced to 5 yrs prison on  21st DUI.”

Why does it take 21 to actually warrant arrest?  What was going on after the 3rd one or how about being the Police Officer that arrested you on the 12th DUI, what happened after that one?  How many days of community service can you give one person thinking that picking up trash on the side of the highway is going to help them not get another DUI.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have some respect for our judicial system but what judge was residing over the 15th DUI and what happened after that one?  Others on Twitter had this to say about that article:

My second rant was a requested rant.  I will keep this person anonymous but here is the Rant that came through the wire today: “I have a rant alittle wednesday for you!  Co-workers coming to work who clearly are too sick to be here and never stop coughing and then you find out after being around them for 5 days that they went to the hospital!!!!!”

I have to agree with our anonymous tipper, this is a well deserved rant!  People who are sick should STAY home and get better.  No one wants to hear your hacking and coughing and then find out that you were sent to the hospital because you were having troubles breathing.  Go home and get better, please do not infect our area.

My last rant is a little one but annoying to say the least.  Bathing suit shopping.  SERIOUSLY, who wants to shop for a bathing suit when you look like you could blend with white walls and you still have your last 10 (or so) pounds to lose before you even want to think about getting in that suit?  Not this girl!

Thanks again to the anonymous rant and keep them coming!


One response to “Rant a little Wednesday

  1. monkeetrouble7

    couldn’t agree more with all of them!

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