Rant a little Wednesday

Here is your warning that this post will be rant-like!

Wednesdays are so weird, they aren’t quite the beginning of the week and of course they also aren’t quite the end of the week.  You can’t really complain that we are on Wednesday like you do on Mondays for example; I have a case of the Mondays.  You just don’t say I have a case of the Wednesdays that just doesn’t sound right.  We are at Hump Day people!  And now I’m transforming Wednesday into a day of reflection and a day that we can “Rant a little” about what has happened until now.

Let the ranting begin.

Super Bowl Sunday, sort of holiday in America where we all gather with friends and family to watch one of the most coveted sports around….Football!  Why anyone would try to disrupt this day especially during the hours of Super Bowl is way beyond me but it happened.  As you all know George and I are selling our house and with that come house showings.  We have actually had a jump in activity these past few weeks but on Saturday night when Hubs and I were out I made the fatal remark of, “no way anyone will want to do a showing tomorrow, it is Super Bowl Sunday.”  FALSE!  Hubs and I actually got a phone call on Sunday around 3:15/3:2o pm that there was a Realtor wanting to show our house on Willfleet to their client from 4:45pm to 5:45pm.  As my heart sunk I couldn’t say no to a house showing so let the revisions of the Super Bowl Sunday plan begin.

Not such a bad rant, I’m really starting you off a bit luke warm today.  Don’t worry things will really heat up quickly.

I know this isn’t in chronological order but this would come second on the Rant ladder so just “climb” with me.  Thursday was girl night and I love girl night.  Especially when we make a last-minute change of location to my favorite Mexican joint in the city, El Pueblo’s.  Since there are so many of us we try to pay in cash to make things easier on the wait staff so I needed to get a few bucks out of the ATM, no sweat.  I pulled into the parking lot of the Hunt Road Kroger where I could access my ATM at the National City.  Oddly enough I had a brain fart and couldn’t remember my password because I entered it in twice and couldn’t access the account.  No big deal, I’m in the parking lot of Kroger where they house Fifth Third so I’ll just go over there and access that account instead (yes I have two accounts).  I pulled into a parking spot, ran in to the ATM, got my money and I’m headed out the door.  Let me gently remind you that it is about 6:55pm at this point so the Kroger is hopping, lots of cars and people moving around in this parking lot.  As I get in my car I am of course surrounded by two ginormous SUV’s and I really can’t see the surrounding traffic so I start to back out of my parking slot slowly.  I’m trying to get to that point where I can see whether or not someone is coming from either direction but I”m hoping that by creeping out of my current spot that another car will see me and allow me to exit since clearly I CAN’T see.  OH NO, because two or three cars zipped behind me and one had the audacity to honk at me.  WHAT the WHAT?  I am unable to see and I’m creeping out, help me out here people and let me get out of this spot.  Kroger parking lots should not be trial locations for the next Daytona 500, you should be going the minimum speed.  This is not the first time or place this has happened (Bruegger Bagel parking lot in the mornings on Kenwood Road is DANGEROUS) and this most certainly won’t be the last but I can rant!

Okay, now that we are heating up, it is safe to say that we have reaching the boiling point.

Let’s take a jog back to Monday, you know the day when you have a case of the Mondays!  I woke up early to go to spinning class at 5:30 am and I made it, bonus points for me.  I got home, got showered, and out the door with time to spare and with a little gitty-up in my step.  I was in a good mood, not only did I get up early to work out but I just felt good about the day, I was going to kick Monday in the baby maker!  I was putting my bags in the back seat of my driver side of the car and all of a sudden I saw it.  Monday just kicked me back and it was hard and it hurt.  There was a huge scratch along the driver side of my black Mazda.  What a huge punch to the gut, it just made me sick!  This scratch was the indicator that I was keyed and it started at the front of my driver side all the way to the trunk.  Who does that?  The night before (Super Bowl Sunday) we were at a friends towne home in their towne home complex and we parked next to our friends car which was technically in front of someone else’s towne home.  I really didn’t think much about it since there were a ton of parking spots available, maybe the owner was at another SB party?  Either way I was 95% positive that whoever did this was living in that complex.  I called hubs right away and asked him to call Heather and Isaiah to get the number of their complex to report a warning and I was also going to call the police to report this incident.  Heather’s car was also keyed but this was a few weeks prior when she had a baby shower at her house with her friends and family and she felt awful about it happening to me too.  She was pretty positive that it was her neighbor because the neighbor yelled at Heather during the baby shower then afterwards was when she noticed her car was keyed.  I had called the police and was told I needed to come back out to Miami Township to report the incident and if you know me you know that I put 110% in everything I do so that was not a problem.  In the meantime, Heather got back home from work and noticed her car was keyed again.  That does it for me!  We must bring the suspected “Keyer” down!

That night Heather called the cops and they were at her towne home filing a report and then also visited the neighbor in question, meanwhile I had made a trip to the Miami Township police department to also file a report.  So now this is a waiting game and until we can prove the neighbor did it I have a huge key mark down the side of my car.  Sucks!

There you have it, all my rants for the week.  Hopefully these stories will make you laugh because I have fun telling them.  As much as I may rant, it is therapeutic to get these off my chest.  So if you have a rant that you want to get off your chest go ahead and rant!  Until next week….

XOXO Jesy Girl (still trying to find a good sign off and I can’t help to think of “XOXO Gossip Girl” every time I do)


2 responses to “Rant a little Wednesday

  1. OMFG. You stole the damn sign off from Gossip Girl?!? Horrible, I will try to find a way to alert them, so they will sue you.

    Sure indirectly I am suing myself, but that is how against that sign off I am.

    Secondly, Wednesday is a great day and should be celebrated. By humping.

    And C, There is too much jumping around here. I felt like I was in the Back to the Future Trilogy. It’s Wednesday, it’s Sunday, it’s Wednesday again, wait now it’s Monday. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What the hell day is it? AM I in an Episode of Heroes?

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