What the What? Harry Potter in Florida!

Do you watch the Super Bowl?  I normally don’t care which teams are playing because I know neither will be the Bengals (negative slam, I know) but either way there is an entertainment factor.  Whether it is for the football or the famous commercials or for both.  I like to watch for both and this year wasn’t any different.  Both teams (Colts and Saints) made this year an entertaining year to watch.  Did you see that crazy all-hands-on-deck fight after the on-site kick?  Wow, one of the Saints players really got it in the baby-maker and that was only one fight that you could see.  I can’t imagine being in the middle of that madness but I bet there was lots of biting and other kicking happening.  But let’s move on to my absolute favorite part of the game last night……the Harry Potter commercial.

At first I was thinking, another movie, what?  But after a minute (and help from a friend, thank you Isaiah) the light bulb went off and the message was falling into place like a crazy puzzle, Harry Potter is at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida! In the words of Liz Lemon, what the what?  This is an amazing day for me, I LOVE Harry Potter!  Thanks to George’s younger cousins Joey and David I am among those who have a little obsession about Harry Potter and all that comes with their wizarding world.  I have to go to this place in Orlando, Florida and since Hubs and I will be on a Floridian vacation for Easter break already we must MUST go!  Immediately I text my amazing father-in-law and mother-in-law and asked them if they were watching the game and if they saw the commercial.  Father-in-law (also affectionately known as “Big Guy”) text me back right away.  His text went like this: “Is the Pope catholic?  Of course I’m watching the Super Bowl and I did see the commercial.  Sounds good to me to go to Universal.”  SWEET!!!  It is settled then!  Poor Hubs isn’t too thrilled by this but I think he will survive.

I had to look up this crazy magical Harry Potter and Universal Studios business and it was all that one Harry Potter nerd could dream.  Literally it is one wizarding world with rides, shops and a restaurant that are from the famous books and movies.  You will feel like you are one of the characters.

Rides: Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey, Dragon Challenge and Flight of the Hippogriff.

Shops: Dervish and Banges, Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods, Honeydukes (homeade sweets), Ollivanders, Owl Post, and Zonkos.

Dining: Three Broomsticks

Sounds all so amazing and magical, I seriously want to go right now.  I feel like such a kid begging my in-laws to take me to the Harry Potter Wizarding World at Universal Studios but it is all so exciting.  There is only one little tiny blip in my plans…….the opening date says Spring 2010.  Seriously, what does that mean?  Does that mean March of 2010 or April of 2010?  If that means April, does that mean the first week of April?  I sure hope it means sometime the first week of April because that is when we will be in Florida.  So for now I have signed up for the newsletter updates on the opening date and I’m crossing my fingers!

Update to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It hasn’t been “officially” confirmed but my sources are telling me that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter won’t be opening until June.  I’m deeply saddened by this news and can only hope that it is completely false.  I’m hoping this information is false and that Universal Studios is sticking to their “Spring 2010” Opening date.


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