Rant a little Wednesday

Week Two, Thanks for tagging along!

Welcome back for a second week of ranting.  I don’t want to be negative all the time because I’m really a pretty positive – glass is half full type of a girl.  But there can be one day a week when I can just rant a little, right?  Here is your warning: RANT ALERT!

I know this chronologically doesn’t fall into place but I have to jump to this event because it was that bad.  Hubs and I drove down to Lexington, KY with three other friends to see an amazing concert (Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace) on Monday.  The drive down was great, hardly any traffic and we stopped at the same gas station where we bought Isaiah’s “girlfriend” a few years back.  Who doesn’t love those coincident-type moments?  The concert was at Rupp Arena and it was a fabulous arena for a concert (unlike US Bank).  The sound was great and we were enjoying ourselves.  Flyleaf had just played and we were waiting for Breaking Benjamin to come on stage.  The lights were on and we were all just chatting until…..these two girls sat down next to me.  There was actually one open seat between me and the girl so I asked her if I could put my coat and purse in that seat.  She was fine with that and in her southern accent said to me, “That’s okay baby I won’t be usin that seat.”  Right, not using the seat to sit in but using it to dump your beer all over on.  She got so excited about the music (who wouldn’t, it was great) but I draw the line when you start spilling beer all over my coat, jeans and purse.  Then during the time she was next to me (they would leave to smoke or get more beer and then they couldn’t find their seats again) she elbowed me numerous times.  At first I was in “Cranky Jesy” mode and poor George was trying to switch me spots so I wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore but I finally was able to laugh it off and lucky for me they “got lost” again and didn’t end up coming back.

Wow…I’m trying to think what else happened this week….is that it?  Could it be that there was only one thing for me to rant about?

Nahh……there is more!

Let me preface this next rant with the following disclaimer: I am excited that my house is getting showings because that will help us sell the house.

But seriously people, do you have to come at 4:30 pm on a week day?  I can see 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm during the week or ANYTIME on the weekend but not 4:30 pm!  I know that there are those of us that have other shifts than the typical 8-5 but I can’t imagine that there is more than 30%!  Selling a house is not that hard it is the other “stuff” that makes it more of a production or a process that is finely tuned every time to ensure that the potential buyer will fall in love with your house.  There are just certain cleaning techniques that you have to follow for the showing such as:

  • Putting away anything that reminds the potential buyer that you own pets
  • Putting out the “good” towels
  • Finger testing every clean surface to ensure there is no dust
  • Sweeping like you have never sweeped before in your life
  • Making sure everything is put away and is tidy
  • Re-arranging furniture to make your house seem bigger
  • Collecting all the trash from everywhere
  • Cleaning up the dirty laundry in your laundry room

You are getting the point….

And because we have the two dogs we need to get them out of the house before we can really finish up the sweeping.  It is just a PIA!

Well, I guess that concludes my rant session this week but please pass along any rants you would like to share!

(I feel like I need a sign off signature, like Gossip Girl has “xoxo – Gossip Girl” maybe mine can be “xoxo – Jesy Girl”)


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