Rant a Little Wednesday

I’m not doing this to be completely negative, it just isn’t my style, but if I see some ridiculous stuff then I’ll share it with the world (or all 5 of you that read my blog).  Clearly there is something that has motivated this post and “Rant a little Wednesday.”  I’m not sure if this will be a weekly thing or not, it will all depend on the craziness in the world that I find as either humorous or just plain silly.

Rant #1 Lady got her purse stuck at Kroger

Yes, truly this did happen and right before my very eyes.  I was unloading my many groceries on to the conveyor at the register and I’m no slacker at this task.  I like to hurry up and get them all on there so the cashier doesn’t have to wait and therefore hold up any lines (slow people drive me crazy).  The lady that was there before was finishing up her transaction and went to lift her purse off the conveyor where the groceries are supposed to be.  As she did this the conveyor started to move and push my items forward, sounds about normal.  But oh no, as the conveyor went forward it caught part of her ginormous purse and it got stuck.  I mean STUCK.  Not the end of the world but you wouldn’t have thought that by the way she was screaming, yes, screaming.  To make this rant shorter than my story I already told a few people, the lady wailed on about a screw driver and finally after 10 minutes or so the purse was released and all was well.

Rant #2 Eating and Texting is good unless you are driving

I know you all ready my blog post about texting while driving, right?  So I’m a bit passionate now about not texting while driving and therefore it creates curiosity and I’m always checking people out when I’m on the highway to see if they are doing it.  Well this yahoo next to me was not only texting while he was driving but he was eating a friggen bowl of oatmeal or cereal or whatever it was.  SERIOUSLY?  So if texting while you are driving is 8 x worse than drinking and driving what would texting and eating something with a spoon out of a bowl while driving be?  I just hope this Miami grad (had a Miami grad sticker on his lovely black Honda) is really smarter than that!

Rant #3 Q102 Caller that needed a man’s opinion

Do you listen to Q102 in the morning?  I normally switch back and forth between the Jeff and Jenn Show and NPR, I know…..two totally different shows.  I like to get the latest gossip on Q102 and of course some of those songs have some “pump-up” value in the morning.  Typically Jeff does this segment allowing women to call in or email in questions to get a man’s opinion and he calls it “Jeff Un-Zipped.”  Pretty cute, catchy and I see the point.  Women always want to know what the man is thinking and what better way to find out then asking another man?  I can actually hear my husband saying at this point, “Jesy, just ask me” and don’t worry George I do.  Okay, on to the rant…. so the women that called in actually said something like this:

“So the man I’ve been off and on with just doesn’t seem like he is in to the relationship, he will hang out but only if I go over there and we will talk but only if I call him so it just seems like it is always on my terms.”

WHAT????  Do you really need a human opinion, forget the man’s opinion, to figure this out.  Lady, he’s just not that into you!  Let me break this down for you, if you are the one doing all the work then he is lazy and clearly you are just “whatever” to him because he might be lonely at that time.  You did say this was off and on, right?  Wow!  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get this one, does it?

I can’t really think of much else but stay tuned, I might make this a weekly thing!  Only problem is that I need to remember all the craziness that happens until next Wednesday.  Don’t forget that if you have a little rant to go ahead and get it off your chest (in the comment field of course) we are all friends here!


3 responses to “Rant a Little Wednesday

  1. Your highway story reminded me of a time when I still lived in Youngstown. We’d get some epic snow storms there, not like these silly dustings that shut down Cincinnati. So one night we get like 5″ and I have to go in to work early, like 4am early. I’m driving slowly down the expressway becasue only one lane had been plowed but a couple more inches had piled up. I’ll never forget this as long as I live, his Buick comes flying past me with the dome light on, the guy is reading the paper while holding a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

  2. Love it! I wish I could hear you tell the stories in person. You always make them sound so funny and I feel like I’m there when you tell the story.

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