Happy Birthday Hubby!

Last year birthday at Perfect North Slopes

Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband.  Who knew that when I was a freshman in high school that I would be married to the senior that I stalked in the hallways?  True story!  Either way, George has turned 31 today and I hope that he has an amazing birthday tonight with family and on Friday with lots of great friends.

I know he doesn’t turn his birthday into an entire month affair like me but still I want him to know that I think it is a special day and I hope it is a great one for him.  Who knows, maybe someone will buy his lunch (hint hint work friends).

Happy Birthday George!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Hubby!

  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Wow, 31 years old. Unlike my wife I view this as just another year, just a number. You are as old as you act and thankfully I am still a teenager. But for fun lets see some highlights from my 31 years on this Earth:

    Eat dog poop – check.

    Have such a hilariously bad prom that it lives on in infamy – check.

    Brought a tree on the brink of death back to life by peeing on it for years – check.

    Drive a car that makes you question your own manhood – check.

    Urinate all over my best friends car – check.

    Drive back from Florida in just my underwear – check.

    Yep I’d say its been a pretty full life.

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