America’s New Deadly Obsession

Drugs?  No.  Alcohol?  No.  Food?  No.

Cell phone use while driving?  Yes!

I want to preface this blog with the following statement: I’m not doing this blog to sound preachy.  I had an “aha” moment while watching today’s episode on Oprah and I couldn’t sleep tonight unless I got this blog posted and sent to my family and friends who I care for and love.

I’m one of those people that drive approximately 20 or so miles to work and then back home and I promise you that most of those 20 or so miles are occupied with me being on my cell phone in one capacity or another.  I’ve been known to check my email accounts, update Facebook, update Twitter, text and then talk on the phone all while sitting in rush hour traffic or going up to 60-65 miles per hour.  Am I alone?  Nope, I know that I’m not alone and I bet that most of you do this as well.

While watching the Oprah episode on these mobile distractions I learned some VERY scary statistics:

~ Half a million people are injured and 6,000 are killed every year due to cell phone distractions such as texting and talking on the phone while driving.

Scared yet?  Just keep reading.

~When talking on your cell phone you are 4 x as likely to be involved with a crash but when you are texting you are 8 x as likely to be in a crash.  8 TIMES!

Here is the scary part, according to the experts on the show, people that are drunk are 4 x as likely to be in a crash.  So that means that people texting are more of a danger than those who are drunk.

Hopefully that really catches your attention because it certainly caught mine.

I have been involved in a car accident while I was on the phone and I know it was my fault and I know that my cell phone distraction was a main contributor to why I was in that accident.  I was lucky!  I was going up an off ramp and looked up with enough time to slam the brakes and hardly bump into the car in front of me that was stopped at the red light.  This really was avoidable and that is the point – accidents that involve texting and cell phone use are 100% avoidable.  Did you read that?  100% avoidable!

Here is my pledge, I’m going on to and I’m taking the pledge to help do my part to put an end to distracted driving.  I’m going to stop texting while driving, DONE, no more!  Also, I’m going to do my best to stop talking while on the road, I’m going to keep this at a true minimum.  Hey, I’m not perfect and I know this is a habit I’m going to have to work on.  I hope that each person that is in the car with me reminds me of this if I ever slip (Jami you are the best person when it comes to reminders).

Take the Pledge on

I hope you pass this around to your friends and family and take a second to think about using your cell phone the next time you are in the car.

Much Love,

Jesy Herron


9 responses to “America’s New Deadly Obsession

  1. It is really scary and I can’t believe in Ohio it is not a law….in NJ it is against the law to talk (unless hands free) or text while driving. The police can and do stop people and give tickets. Unfortunately half the cars you look at have drivers talking or even worse texting still! Thanks Jesy for bringing this to people’s attention! Love you!

    • Jesy,
      Great really does make ya think about things–I’m glad I can be your reminder 🙂
      Have a great rest of the week!! Be safe.P.s How is that penny jar looking??

  2. I love how I have been telling you not to text while you drive for years, literally years. And all you did was smile and laugh and ignore me.

    But watch Oprah for 5 minutes and suddenly it is gospel. I guess I should thank Oprah for doing what I couldn’t, but it would have been nice had you actually stopped this years ago.

    And saying that accidents while you are on your cell phone are 100% avoidable is a bit inaccurate. I am sure there are cases where a kid, or an animal darts out in front of your car and even if you had not been talking on the phone you would have hit them. That is the problem with scare tactics that talk show people try to introduce, they are going for shock value and don’t look at the real numbers.

    I am not calling Oprah a liar ladies, settle down I know she is the new Jesus. But I do think that her show can tend to be a little over the top, especially if she is trying to drive home a point. She loves to bring people out and get you all emotional and then drive her point, it is more effective that way.

    Everyone calm down take a deep breathe and use common sense. If you are in traffic and need to pay attention, stay off the phone. If you are in a highly residential area and kids are out playing, stay off the phone. You should never text and drive anyway, requires too much focus from your eyes and a hand.

    I wonder what kind of percentage you get if you are drunk AND texting while driving? Come on Oprah Jesus, where are your stats for that? I need to know.

  3. I thought the exact same thing while watching that Oprah. Only caught a few minutes of it, but that was enough. I didn’t realize how our brains actually block out our surroundings/environment when we’re distracted by things like conversation or what’s on the phone. I will no longer risk my own life or others’ because of a quick phone call or checking my email. Not worth it.

  4. Sandy Meinhardt

    I’m in the ‘hate texting while driving’ group and hate to be on the expressway and the person next to me is totally involved with typing in a message…..I move away from them. Thanks for putting this out there and George, you crack me up! Ahhh yes……the power of OPRAH!

  5. I also saw that Oprah episode and has given me a lot of food for thought! Sure using a cellphone in the car is convenient, but really is it worth it! I think we can all answer with an emphatic NO! Hopefully it won’t take a serious accident for most people to really get it!

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  8. I work in organ donation – please don’t text and drive.

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