The Greek Goddess of Chaos

My new Motorola Eris is seriously the most exciting and fun phone that I have ever owned.  Sure, I have owned smartphones in my day but none can even come close to this beauty.  Blackberry-schmackberry!  I have owned various Blackberry phones for the past 3 years and prior to that I owned a Treo but don’t ask me the model because I’m guessing it was a 007-Sucko.  These phones were okay and certainly served the email, SMS (texting), and phone call purposes but while my friends were getting the cool V-cast phones from Verizon I was stuck with just being happy to take a picture and open an excel file.  Now it is my turn to have fun and still have a business-savvy phone.

First, let me preface this post with the notion that I am no way an expert reviewer of phones or technology.  I’m going to give this review in the most layman’s terms possible.  If you are looking for more of a review, I can most certainly suggest one by Michelle Lentz.  I was actually very happy to re-read her “First Impression” review once I’ve had my hot little hands on the Eris for a few days.


~ Did I mention that this phone was cool?  When our amazing Verizon Rep (Jay Owens at Springdale Store) handed over the Eris it just screamed cool.  From the way you activate the screen (touching the arc and pulling down) to the customization of the handy home page.

~ Handy applications that are mostly all free.  Yes, F-R-E-E!  Let me again say that I have never owned an iPhone and previous to the Eris I owned a BlackBerry Curve so I didn’t really have much experience with “apps” like I am currently enjoying now.  I just touch the “market place” icon and there are multiple categories to choose.  You can download your favorite soundboards from movies like “Tropic Thunder”, “Super Bad”, and a favorite of my husband “Star Wars.”  I’m sure if you own an iPhone or similar you know exactly what I’m talking about.

~ Syncs up to my gmail and Google calendar and my work email without any issues…….well, almost any issues…. see “Cons” below.  My Google calendar and work email syncs up great to the phone and once one is deleted either on the phone or via my PC the other is deleted – handy!

~ Sweet 5.0 mega pixel camera that will give you the options to upload directly to your Flickr or Facebook accounts once you have taken the picture.

~ Oh yea, did I already say this phone was cool?  I think I did but I have to say it again!

– The touch screen was a huge concern for me because I actually tested out the Blackberry Storm and hated their “touch” screen.  It was sort of a button but sort of not and I couldn’t really text on it without getting super frustrated quick.  This touch screen is quite easy to get used to and I’m already loving it.  You can type portrait or landscape style.

~ I have the Eris and the Husband has the Droid so we have been comparing ever since we purchased these on Saturday.  I do love that the Eris has 7 “screens” to hold all the applications (Droid only has 3) you download and other cool features such as a full page calendar or my clock with the weather.  You can also easily move the icons of your applications to either of the 7 pages.


~ I really can’t put the darn thing down because of how cool it is which of course is leading to a pretty quick battery life.  Our VW-Dude (Verizon Wireless Dude, Jay) said that at first we will zip through the battery but that it won’t be so bad when we aren’t downloading 20 apps and wearing off the “newness” of the phone.

~ Gmail for some reason is causing a sync problem with my phone, it gives me a weird error that I’m trying to figure out on my own but if it keeps up then I’m going to take her back to get a look over.  The sync error it gives me is; Delete limit exceeded, there are 476 deleted items for contacts what would you like to do.  Then it lists these 3 options: Delete the items, Undo the deletes or Do nothing for now.  Guess which one I keep pressing….haha!   If you are reading this and know how to fix this sync error please leave me a comment!

Could I possibly find any more cons?  No, not really!  Again, I’m still trying to get used to this new toy but so far it is a great phone.  I have made several calls and everyone seems to be able to hear me with much clarity.  If you are looking for a phone that you can use for business and pleasure I’d say this is a good match.

{Let me know what you think, do you own an Eris or Droid?  Are you looking to purchase one in the next 30-90 days?  Chat with me!}


One response to “The Greek Goddess of Chaos

  1. Thanks Jesy. I am sold. No more research. Verizon should absolutely hire you.

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