Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Southwest!

Wow, they had me at 2 bags fly for free but after my experience with their customer service today they now have me wrapped around their wings!  Southwest Airlines is my carrier of choice!

Some back story on why I’m head over heels for Southwest Airlines:

Carol (my mom) called me about 1/2 hour ago super excited that she just booked our flights for the amazing family cruise we are taking in May.  Southwest Airlines just opened their summer schedule and our vacation will be the first week of May so she was finally able to book the flights for myself, my husband, my brother and his girlfriend.  My reaction was of course happy and giddy and I wanted to know what days/time we were leaving on our flight and my mom said that I needed to check my email because she had already forwarded along the official Flight Itinerary.  Woo Hoo, I’m checking it out while she’s on the phone and this is how our conversation goes:

Jesy: “Mom, George is a second, not a third.  It is George Robert Herron II not III.”

Mom: “Oh, don’t worry about that I’m sure they won’t even notice the extra ‘I’ in his name.  Plus, I could have sworn you told me he was a third.”

Jesy: “No mom, OH SHIT, you have me down as Jessica Leigh Wenstrup???  Mom, I’m HERRON, remember?  I’ve been married for 4 years”

Mom: “oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh F&^% (won’t repeat the real word but I think you get the hint) what are we going to do?

Jesy: “I’ll call them and see if they’ll change it, crap Mom, what were you thinking?”

So, the conversation ended and I ended up on the phone with an amazing Southwest Airlines CSR who informed me that there really wasn’t much they could do.  I told a funny joke and said something along the lines of, “man, my mom really needs to stop drinking before noon.  I can’t believe after 4 years of marriage and she forgot my last name.”  This of course got the CSR laughing a bit and then I got the, “I’ll see what I can do.”  GLORIOUS!  After being on hold for a few minutes the CSR informed me that since my mom had just booked the trip that she was able to convince her boss to make the changes and then she re-emailed my mom and me the new flight itenerary.   And that is how Southwest Airlines became my carrier of choice.

One side note – I will be flying with Southwest Airlines on both my vacations this year 🙂


5 responses to “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Southwest!

  1. Nobody, but NOBODY treats you better than SWA!

    • Thank you for your comment Mark! To come full circle with this post I had to call Southwest to ask another question about our flight and again they were extremely helpful and nice.

  2. Carol is dead to me. Not only did she mark me down with the wrong suffix to my name, but she also originally had me down as a female. And to forget that I was the man brave enough to marry your daughter and get her out of your hair? Child Please!


    Carol, this is going to cost you dearly at Christmas and my birthday. You better get to shopping, you got some serious making up to do.

  3. I had just the OPPOSITE experience with Southwest Customer Service. When they severely damaged my bag and some of the contents, they wanted ME to mail the damaged goods to Dallas for appraisal and offered only $100 for about $500 worth of damaged clothing. They did not reimburse me for the 100 mile trip back to the airport to inventory the damaged goods, nor did they offer to pay for parking at the airport. I guess the customer service policy only applies to certain airports…

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