Mini Plug for Zola’s

Dear fellow Cincinnatians, have you ever had a Zola burger?  It was amazing, actually a bit more than amazing, it was fabulous.  Husband and I were at the Cincinnati Women Bloggers holiday party in Covington and decided to venture out and find a place we’ve never tried for dinner.  If you know George and me than you know this really isn’t our specialty.  Adventure is okay but not really when it comes to food.  We have our typical favorites in Sharonville, OH such as The Blue Goose, Ruby Tuesdays and the like so for us this was sort of unusual.  Zola’s came highly recommended to us by Michelle Lentz and she was right.  They do have the BEST burgers in Cincinnati.  George got his normal plain jane burger with American cheese and I got the Black and Bleu Burger.  Delish!

Black and Bleu Burger with a "hefty" side of fries

Both burgers were delivered to our table with a mountain serving of french fries and the other side fixins.  I had to cut mine in half and our pretty cool waiter suggested I take the rest of the burger home to the doggies.  He said it was healthier and less fatty than most burgers (not sure what he was comparing to) and we did.  Housch and Carson (dogs) were super excited about their treat and we were also very happy with our $6.50 burgers.

If you are in the mood for something new you should try them out, Mondays are good night because there was no one there and service was super fast.


2 responses to “Mini Plug for Zola’s

  1. and where is Zola’s located?

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