Are you in shape?

Over the weekend I received my very first copy of Shape magazine from the subscription I purchased over the summer.  Honestly, I had completely forgotten that I ordered this subscription from my little cousin and personally thought I had ordered something else.  But the good thing here is that this is just the magazine I need to help get in “Shape” for a few important things coming up next year!

1. Vacation in April with my in-laws – there is a lot of eating out on the island as opposed to cooking meals.  This means lots of food calories and lots of wine-drinking calories with my mother-in-law.  The good news is that we will be on a beach with uber opportunity to continue my working out in a fun way.

2. Cruise with my parents and family in May – another food trip for sure!  Isn’t the big thing to do on a cruise is eat?  I’m excited about getting dressed up and going to fancy-schmancy dinners with the family and having drinks with my mom as we tan through the day.  I’m hoping there will be work out facilities on board and I’m sure there will be lots of swimming and exploring to keep in shape.

3. Well, this is the one I’m not really going to talk about but let’s just say it is a reason to get in shape!  There are actually many reasons!

Currently, I’m a member of LA Fitness and realistically I only go about once a week.  How many times would I like to go?  About 3-4 times would make me a happy gal but life happens and I can’t get there through the week/weekend.  I really don’t need that much motivation to work out because I love going to spinning class but I really need to make it my priority and stick to my plans of going when I say I want to go.  OR (and that is one big “or”) I need to make a new habit and start going in the morning.  Ugh, just the thought of this is making me whine because I really don’t think this is going to happen.

I’m going to try anything I can to make sure that getting in shape is my NUMBER 1 priority – I’m in go mode (phrase that my sister-in-law has passed on to me) and I’m not going to stop.  Well, I hope I don’t stop.  I’m going to put on my calendar the workout classes that I plan to attend and I hope that I treat these times like I would any other important meeting I have throughout my week.  I may try to drag along the hubs to get his butt in shape too!

What are you doing to get in Shape before the crazy “New Years Resolution” people get to the gym in January?  What have you done to make sure your health and workout time is a priority?  I’d love the pointers and tips!


One response to “Are you in shape?

  1. Once I’m all healed we will be in “go mode” together and make it a priority to go together! I mentioned it to your hubs about him going but he didn’t seem to thrilled. We will see!

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