Rebuttle of my husband’s blog post

Didn’t think it would ever get to this but it has, oh it has.  Mr. Husband decided to write a blog post about how I’m a cheater when it comes to playing games and more specifically card games.  Wonder if he thought he would get away with that little post of his without me having one of my own?  Well he won’t!

To begin, I will say that at least the beginning of Mr. Husband’s blog was true.  We do love to play cards and other games but I do not like to play Monopoly because I think George bullies me to give him all my property and then he just takes over the whole game.  Trust me, it happens.  One minute I think I’m doing good with my “Broadway” and he is in “Jail” and then the next second I’m handing over my “Railroads” and owing him money for property I once owned.  But let’s move on to the real issue…..Mr. Husband is just a sore loser.

Have you ever played Rummy 500?  It is Rummy but you play to 500 points, pretty simple and almost mindless.  That is what Mr. Husband and I played all the time the summer when we first started dating but he lost 99% of the time.  Whatever, I’m good at that game and he isn’t, should be the end of the story.  Not for Mr. Husband, he thinks that I cheat and that is how I have won the games.  Well, I’m ready to make my public statement about these allegations:

I, Jesy Wenstrup Herron, do not cheat while playing card games.  I’m just that good.

I hope this clears it all up, if you want to read his side of the story just click here.


2 responses to “Rebuttle of my husband’s blog post

  1. Well I can go on the record as having a witness to your cheating. All it takes is one. Your rebuttal is week and holds about as much weight as one of the Olsen twins.

  2. i do believe… sucka. just. got. served.

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