Cute idea for “THE HOLIDAY” card

Are you one of “those” that send out the holiday card with every detail from little Johnny and Janie’s past year?  NO?  Well neither am I but I am one of “those” that likes to send out a card with an updated picture of hubs, myself and the dogs if they are lucky.  Yes, it is one of those annoying tasks but let’s face it, the family and friends really like those cards and they tend to hang them up year round (or at least my grandma does).  So what is the best way to make sure this is the easiest task of the holiday season?  You can hire my friend Kristen and her partner Corrie because this year they teamed up to make a special deal for all families in the Cincinnati area.  Check out Five Dot Design & Lil Monster Photograpy for your one stop family photo shoot and holiday cards creation for one low price. 

Kristen and Corrie will be doing a “marathon photo shoot” on December 5th at the Loveland Bike Trail in Loveland, Ohio.  All you have  to do is email Corrie to schedule your 30-minute family photo shoot and you will be ready to rock and roll.  Pricing and details are on thier website too.  Enjoy this family friendly easy peasy holiday idea.


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