I’m just now realizing these things!

I wouldn’t call it an epiphamy or anything that crazy but I’m just now realizing how important my girlfriends are to me.  Growing up in grade school I tried to get along with the girls in class but I was always the kid that really truly liked everyone so it was hard to commit to a clique.  You remember that, right?  One clique would want to be my friend and have me sit with them at lunch and play with them on the playground at recess but that would mean that I couldn’t be friends with another clique that day or week or whatever the restriction was at the time.  Therefore, grade school was super hard for me and I would have to try and balance all these crazy girl emotions leading me to junior high/high school. 

Ahhh highschool, this is when I learned some hard lessons and decided to just be friends with all the boys.  They are less to deal with, less drama and you could easily boss them around and make all the plans for the weekend activities and they agreed because they didn’t want to hassle with that part anyway.  Just to note, that isn’t the only reason why I like hanging with the guys….I am bossy but being with them was just different.  I didn’t have to worry if I was hanging with one set of guys (jocks) that the other set (alternative ones) would get mad, they just don’t do that.  So being the friend to the guys was my thing in high school leading up through college and sort of now.  Well until just recently. 

Lately, I have been really hanging out with some important women that I call my girlfriends.  Oh ladies, you know who you are!  Things are different now that we are in our late 20’s (yes, I still freak out that I’m 27) and I’m realizing how important it is to call a girlfriend with any problem I have and they actually listen and take the time to talk and really understand the exact emotions that I’m going through.  Other important factors are that I don’t have to choose one set of friends over the other these days,  instead I’m accepted for who I am, the whole package!  The other side to this is that I’m also becoming a great girlfriend back (or at least I hope I am).  That was the thing with the guys remember, no drama!  Not that there is a lot of drama with these ladies but either way I’m listening to them, trying not to judge or to be too quick to give advice (not everyone wants advice) but just to be there and show support to whatever they need it for.  I really like these relationships and I’m learning that I actually need them more and more. 

So to all my girlfriends…. you know who you are…. I love you girls and I’m so glad that you have entered my life!


3 responses to “I’m just now realizing these things!

  1. Couldn’t agree more! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Love you 🙂

  3. Love you dearie, always have! When are we getting together?!

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