Fall and Chili = Favorite Season

The leaves are changing and the best season ever is already here.  I love fall, it is when I got married, it has the best colors, it is all about football and of course it is a great time to make chili.   The 13th Annual Wenstrup Chili Cook-off is right around the corner (this Sunday) and the smack talk is already in full swing.  Friends and family are already making test batches of chili to make sure they are “competitive worthy” for this year’s cook off.  Last year was the year I took home the trophy for the best chili and I’m wanting to do the same this year, but I need help.  Do you have a chili recipe that just absolutley rocks?  Send some recipes over and I’ll pick one this Friday to make for Sunday and we will see how I do.


3 responses to “Fall and Chili = Favorite Season

  1. Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater! Not really. What a great idea. I’d give you my recipe, but then I’d have to kill you. You don’t want it anyway as I never get any votes. Good luck to you!

  2. SERIOUSLY…. you don’t need to go searching for the “winning” recipe because I’ll be bringing it!!! Just start asking around for a “RUNNER UP” recipe and you’ll be just fine!!! 🙂 – Beppy

  3. this one was emailed to me by an old neighbor, Paul Clements,

    Hmm… this one has been done before and if you were there you may remember that outcome!

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