Holy panick attack batman!

So I have to admit I did a pretty stupid thing and just realized it today.  Let’s go back – This past Saturday (9/19) I was hanging out at Salon Bastille with the rest of the Sparks/Herron wedding party and decided to go ahead and purchase fake eyelashes for my make up application.  Tiny backgrouond on my eyelashes, I completely hate how short they are and would rather have fake ones that make me feel prettier – so I do!

you can't see my eyes b/c my eyelashes are that awesome!

you can't see my eyes b/c my eyelashes are that awesome!

Andrea from the salon was excited to come help me pick them out down the street at the CVS in Old Montgomery.  We walked down, picked out a great pair of fake eyelashes and went to pay.  As I was paying I was making the remark, “wow, I have so much change” and with that I completely dumped my Coach mini and everything fell on the floor.  All credit cards, bank debit cards (yes I have 2), cash, reciepts and of course all the friggin change I was just talking about.  Andrea and I cleaned it up and I just trusted that all was good and sort of took a glance back to make sure I had all that was previously in my wallet.  FALSE!

This morning (9/22) I went to check my bank account to make sure that my house payment was made.  Sorry, little back story here, yesterday I deposited the cash but the rep from 5/3rd made the remark that her computer kept shutting down.  So, I was nervous that with my luck these days my payment wouldn’t be made.  I tried logging in to their online banking and it told me that I needed to reset my password.  FINE, did that but it still would not let me log in to view my account because there was some sort of hold on the account.  I then called the 5/3rd 800 # (which is a ROYAL pain in the rump) and after several attempts I was finally able to talk to a real person.  She told me that the manager at CVS actually called my card in and told 5/3rd that it was left behind and they put a hold on the card and account.  SWEET, thanks so much Craig from CVS you absolutely ROCK!  Little bonus, the lady from 5/3rd was able to check and my house payment did go through.  Is my luck changing?  I sure do hope so because we are finishing a major house project this weekend and planning to put the house on the market by October 1.  Just to be safe, can you cross some fingers for me or just send me good Karma?  Thanks!


4 responses to “Holy panick attack batman!

  1. WOW! You are one lucky lady.

  2. OMG! Those are the most awesomest eyelashes EVER!!!!

  3. I love how when you tell a story in your blog, it is the exact same as if you were right here telling me. Chaotic and all over the place, I LOVE IT!

    Did you use the word rump? As in, “…pain in the rump?” Who uses that? What are you 73? Hell I think 73 year olds know that word is LAME.

    Good thing you are beautiful, and especially on Saturday!

  4. I left my debit card at Busken downtown and the nice lady behind the counter called mine in too! I didn’t even realize I had left it until National City called to tell me. Isn’t it nice to know there are still honest people in the world? 🙂

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