We are moving!

Okay, well I guess the truth of that statement is we don’t know if we are moving but we are certainly going to put the house up for sale.  With that task (putting the house up for sale) comes a huge “To Do” list that feels like it will never end.  Number 1 priority on that list would be to finish painting the kitchen cabinet doors.  I have been working on the kitchen for oh about a month or more (okay – more) and really just keep putting off this last little bit that needs to be done.  Why?  Well, I guess it is because the painting of the cabinet doors is a monster pain in the arse and I keep thinking of excuses or other things to do instead.  For example, I went to Home Depot on Monday (Labor Day) and decided to buy $50 worth of plants and accessories (needed new gardening gloves) and ACTUALLY planted them that day.

My little garden

My little garden

Holy cow, what an excuse because I’m seriously still sore from this little garden project.  I think I would rather have done the cabinet doors – I know for certain putting on a second coat of paint to the front of the doors and a first coat of paint on to the back of the doors would have been less painful.  Either way, I can check this off the great “To Do” list that hubs and I have to get done.  I wonder what other things I can do next weekend instead of the cabinet doors….. hmmmm…….. Hopefully whatever it is, it is less painful!

The Great “To Do” List

  • Finish cabinet doors
  • Tile kitchen floor
  • Put up new baseboards in kitchen (after the floor is tiled)
  • Add new hardware to cabinet doors (after I finish painting them, yuck)
  • Add new hardware to bathroom cabinet doors (no painting involved  here, yeah)
  • Spruce up backyard
  • Paint front door, back door, shutters
  • Put on new handles to linen closet door and coat closet door (the ones we originally bought don’t fit)
  • Put up new baseboards in basement
  • Organize storage room
  • Organize laundry room (who am I kidding, how about organize rest of the house!)
  • Get rid of a bunch of stuff!
  • Plant statue of St. Joseph in the front yard upside down facing the street and pray!

Pics of more progress to come!


2 responses to “We are moving!

  1. WOW! My head hurts from just reading everything you have to get done!!! Good luck 🙂

  2. I think I have done a pretty good job of letting you hang yourself. Normally I would be PISSED about the lack of progress we have made, but I am taking a different approach this time.

    Just so you know, if this list is not at least half way done by next weekend I will just randomly disappear for a few days the next week. I don’t want to be around when you have a meltdown because nothing is still done and you are out of time.

    The Garden does look good by the way, now quit dragging your feet and get to the other stuff!

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