I am not Betty Crocker

This is me of course!

This is me of course!

Look, I just don’t think I was bred to be a housewife. Not in the least bit and here are the clues:
I don’t like to clean
I don’t like to grocery shop
I don’t like to do laundry
I don’t like to COOK

I think that there is something wrong with me as a woman!  Either way, at least I am trying.  I’m on my “Lifestyle change” through WW and Monday was a BAD weigh in so I have told the hubby that this week we are going to try to eat cooked meals at home as much as we possibly can, no Blue Goose nor Ruby Tuesdays (salivating).  Last night was only the second night but it is going pretty good.  Hey, I’m trying, right?  Here has been the menu for dinners so far:

Monday – Pizza (homeade)

Well this didn’t go so hot, as I was putting the cheese on the most delicious dough ever (left over from festival) Hubby gives the “pump the brakes” look and goes crazy over my cheese option.  He was upset that I was using “Mexican” cheese vs. Mozzerella.  I just had to laugh at this because to me, cheese is cheese.  I love cheese and it all tastes good to me so I repeated to Hubby, “cheese is cheese” and that didn’t spark the best response.  Lesson #1 learned, must have proper cheese.  We put the sausage on his portion of the pizza, pop in the oven and about 20 mins later we have the most gorgeous looking pizza with yummy burnt cheese (again, I heart cheese, especially burnt).  Here is lesson #2, Hubby looks at me and says, “where is the sauce?” Oh right, oops, forgot the sauce. The real name of this meal is now called, Mexican Sauceless Pizza, Bon Apetite!

Tuesday – Taco Pie

This probably doesn’t sound “healthy” but really I was so proud of myself on this little creation.  Taco Pie is one of the easiest, quickest, cheapest meals to make.  What you need: pie dish, cresent rolls (I used reduced fat), ground turkey, taco seasoning, reduced fat sour cream, reduced fat cheese (pick your favorite here) and baked tostitos.  I’m happy to report that this was a huge hit with Hubby and I have to thank my mom and Jami who guided me through this little meal via phone calls and texts! 

Again, I’m proud to have made 2 meals at home but I seriously DO NOT ENJOY this cooking-thing.  Here is my request to all of you (all 5 of you – thanks to my loyal friends/family/hubby): Please send me your easiest, most WW friendly, quickest meals that you can think of that do not have veggies.  That’s right, I forgot to tell you that Hubby doesn’t do veggies!


8 responses to “I am not Betty Crocker

  1. Jesy~

    I’m so proud of you for trying to cook more at home. I know it isn’t your favorite thing to do. I have found that grilled chicken is always a good thing to have. You can put so many different things on the grilled chicken: Emerils’s chicken rub, a premade marinate, fat free italian dressing, etc. Grill that up and you can either do corn on the cob (because we know hubby likes corn) and then buy a vegi and the steam bags and steam just enough for you. Add red skin potatoes or brown rice to finish off the healthy meal!

    • Thanks for that! I do need to keep chicken around more often. Great idea for dinner tonight, I need to use some of the corn I got from the festival. How do you make your red skin potatoes?

  2. Let me say that I am proud of wifey for her new found dedication. I am happy to see her really trying hard to achieve something.

    Now let me say that all those things are true. She hates doing all those things. I used to have to clean all the time at my house growing up and have offered to help in the house, but here are the problems I have:

    1. Jesy will make messes faster than any human can clean them up. I could clean the whole house and in a matter of 5 minutes of her walking in the door shoes will be randomly on the floor somewhere, clothing will be on the couch, laptop bag might be on the couch, might be on the table, might be in the refrigarator, who knows? Bobbi pins and hair bands all over the place, clothes in piles ( you know from the three different outfits that she has tried on today. You get the point.

    2. I hate the vacuum that we own and refuse to fight with it, I mean use it. She knew that when it was bought, so she knew my refusal to use it.

    3. I am a man, there are many things I just don’t notice. Give me something to do and I will normally do it.

    Also let me say that the Mexican sauceless pizza wasn’t half bad. And Taco Pie was excellent, it comes in as a close second to Chinese Pie.

    • George – if you think Jesy can destroy a clean room in less than five minutes, you’ll be amazed at how quickly a little kid can do it and I mean way more destruction than our girl Jesy. But you know, it’s all good? :~)

  3. Jesy – you make me smile! I hate to clean, grocery shopping (so I don’t do it – plus I suck at it), and I hate to do laundry. Now that I stay home, I don’t mind cooking – when I worked outside – it stunk top of the list! I just make myself clean every day and laundry with kids is a daily event, it’s just one of the things I do every single morning.

    I’m proud of you!!! If you need any more recipes or ideas, just let me know!!! Use your crockpot!!!!

  4. ok, you can do the red skin potatoes in a couple ways.
    1. if you are already grilling the chicken and corn (wrapped in foil with alittle butter on it) then you can cut the potatoes up, add alittle butter or olive oil and some garlic powder, and any other seasoning you want)
    2. boil them in lightly salted water and then once they are done have them with alittle butter

    Sounds like a lot of butter but you can use that “I can’t believe its not butter” stuff and you are good to go!

  5. Great job on getting motivated to cook dear! I have to say though- just because you don’t like to cook or clean does not mean there is something wrong with you as a woman! Women aren’t the only ones who can contribute around the house (not saying you aren’t George!). 🙂

  6. kathie stuhlbarg

    If you like cookies, Betty C has the best cookies to bake. All you do is add water, egg and butter and you have the best cookies. They are YUMMY!!

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