Lifes little bonuses

Follow along with me here, but don’t you love it when you are just going about your normal routine on a normal day and then out of nowhere you get a little bonus?  I love these little surprises and trust me they don’t have to be big “Sham Wow” events to make me happy.surprise  For example, I was going to the USDP fridge to pull out my usual microwave lunch (pre-packaged meals for my plan) and I took it out of the box and there it was, the little coupon for $1.00 off 5 of the Smart Ones breakfast meals.  WOW (yes, seriously I was uber excited about this), can’t believe that they actually have this bonus coupon in a WW meal, it was like the feeling you get when your five and you are eating cereal and the toy pops out.  Okay, maybe not that exciting but somewhere right below that level of glee.  I have personally had a rough couple of days so to find these little bonus moments is really great.  I challenge you to get happy over something that someone else mostly thinks is dumb (won’t this be fun?)  And if you would like to share this with me I’d love to get happy with you!


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