It’s not a ‘diet’ but a lifestyle change

Yea, okay so this is what I keep telling myself while I’m on WW but right now I’m hardly convinced.  The is the second time that I have attemped the WW program (first time I lost almost 30 lbs) and it is seriously harder this time.  The first time I was on the program I kept to my plan religiously and really lost each week consistantly until I became a lifetime member.  It was easy and it was GREAT!  The only problem was that it was also when I was living at home with my parents and I wasn’t too concerned with cooking dinner or other meals for two.  While on program the first time my daily food in-take would look something like this:

Breakfast – a 2 point bar, most likely a Special K and maybe a piece of fruit

Mid-mornign Snack – a 1 point string cheese or maybe more fruit

Lunch – probably a Lean Cuisine pre-portioned lunch

Afternoon Snack –  a yummy pre-portioned bag of cookies or something that was going to cure whatever sweet tooth craving I had for the day

Dinner – maybe I would have another pre-portioned Lean Cuisine or I would just eat some 94% Fat Free popcorn (yes, I would have the WHOLE bag of popcorn)

So you see, this really isn’t a good way to eat because I was really treating it like a diet and not a “lifestyle change” therefore my second go at this is sort of flopping.  Why?  Well because I just want that same old agenda of eating and not worrying about introducing all the great fruits and veggies and grand dinners.  I’d rather eat lots of small portions so I feel like I’m snacking all day but again it is too “diety” so that doesn’t really work either.

This is the time when I’d love it for someone to volunteer to come cook for me once a day!  Or at least suggest some cooking lessons that can have a WW friendly-focus.  Any suggestions?

I’ll keep you posted on my progress (was doing great till I wore jeans to my weigh-in, rookie mistake)!


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