Tweeting it up with celebs



Have you been chatting it up with celebrities on Twitter?  I have and it is pretty fun so far because the best part is that they actually will tweet you back.  So what exactly does this mean?  Are we making genuine connections with the “celebs” through Twitter?  I have had a great experience with the sports figures like Cincinnati Bengal’s OchoCinco ( @OGOchoCinco)  and ex-Bengal John Thornton ( @JohnThornton) and TJ Houshmandzadeh ( @TJHoush).  I tweet them and they tweet me back – they are actually engaging!  I hope that we can keep it this way and I hope that the one bad egg doesn’t ruin it for the rest of us.  For example, I just read that Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails  has just cancelled his Twitter account due to the behavior of some internet folk who made his experience uncomfortable and upsetting.  ReadWriteWeb has more details from other celebrities that are feeling the same, such as Stephanie Meyer, the popular Twilight series author.

I like the gap getting smaller between us normal-folk and the celebs of the world, call me crazy but I like getting a glimpse into their life and being able to see their personality shine through their tweets is a pretty cool thing.  Let me know what you think or who you are tweeting with in the “celeb” world online!

hmmmm....wonder if he will remember me in Georgetown, we will see!

hmmmm....wonder if he will remember me in Georgetown, we will see!


One response to “Tweeting it up with celebs

  1. Tweeting with celebs makes me feel a smidgen less shamelessly narcissistic about the whole thing. Tweeting in the vacuum is just no fun, especially when you can get FAMOUS PEOPLE to finally talk to you, minus the whole, y’know, stalking thing…

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