Jesy’s Girl

Okay, so the song that I’m referring to in my blog title really isn’t the correct spelling of “Jesy” and let’s face it, the song isn’t referring to a woman either.  But anyone who really knows me knows that when the Grammy Award-winning song “Jessie’s Girl” comes on I absolutely go nuts.  Sure, I love the way Rick Springfield belts out the tunes on Migriswoldbus07RustyBallss Pink (my iPod) but nothing beats a summer evening with The Rusty Griswolds and their rendition of the popular 80’s song. 


The Rusty Griswolds are a staple 80’s cover band in the ‘Nati that I like to see any chance I get.  They are entertaining, full of energy, nerdy but yet so cool and they love their Cincinnati fans.  For me this will be a “RustyG” couple of weeks starting with being named, “Super Fcookingwcaitlinan” on my TV debut with the loveable Cooking With Caitlin trio.  Cooking with Caitlin kicked off the summer Fountain Square lunch entertainment with their weekly live cooking show and special guests The Rusty Griswolds of course.  I was able to talk to the guys and told them all about my Rusty Girl t-shirt and how everytime they sing, “Jessie’s Girl” my friends and I dance super crazy. 

Tonight The Rusty G’s will be playing at the All Saints Festival in Montgomery, OH (yay!) and this Wednesday they will be at the Q102/Bud Select Party at Sawyer Point in Cincinnati.  Anytime you check out the band, look for me in my hot pink Rusty Girl t-shirt or buzz me on my blog and I’ll certainly meet you up there for at least one song….hmmm….wonder which one that will be?


One response to “Jesy’s Girl

  1. You named your I-Pod?

    I have no other comments.

    *Hangs head in shame*

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