I’m in love with the “Southern Belle”

My new love, Southern Belle, is created here!

My new love, Southern Belle, is created here!

Where can you go to experience a Coco-Lava, a French Kiss and a Showstopper?  What about meeting a Southern Belle, Diva or Beach Bum?  Last night I had the opportunity to take a taste at some of these exciting flavors at Maribelle Cakery in Bridal Row of Reading, OH.  Tina Gutierrez, Part-owner of Maribelle Cakery, gave myself and other members of the Cincinnati TasteCasting team the opportunity to try out 4 flavors of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever had. 

Coco-Lava was our first tasting of the cupcakes.  I was swearing up and down that this orange butter cake filled with Belgian dark chocolate truffle was my favorite after only a few bites.  The Belgian dark cholcote truffle was one of the exciting suprise fillings that you can find in the cupcakes made at Maribelle’s.

The Diva was the second taste and they call this cupcake “The Diva” for a reason.  White chocolate cake filled with Madagascar vanilla bean opera cream screams DIVA of all cupcakes.  I have to admit that I did think this was a tasty treat but still my fav was the Coco-Lava!

Southern Belle was my third tasting – that is it, I’m in LOVE!  No need to continue on to other cupcakes in my life because I have found the one and only cupcake that will keep me happy for eternity.  Red velvet cake with a suprisingly tasty cream cheese icing was to DIE for.  I honestly had nibbles of the first two cupcakes but downed all of the Southern Belle minus a sliver that was brought home to the hubby. 

Mocha Java was the last tasting, thank god because I don’t think my tastebuds could take any more of the rich flavors.  The Mocha Java was a good mix of dark chocolate cake filled and topped with mocha icing to give a chocolaty coffee flavor.  I really was almost finished with my water bottle and really wanted to down the gallon of milk that Tina presented the Tastecasting team with just to get down the rich flavor. 

All in all Maribelle Cakery has just given me my new love, the Southern Belle, and I’ll certainly justify the cost of $38.00 for a dozen of these yummy cupcakes for my next birthday.  If you would like to check out more flavors and other tasty treats from Maribelle Cakery you can visit them online.

Last night, as a member of Cincinnati TasteCasting, I was lucky enough to be the guest of Maribelle Cakery.  They were generous enough to provide us with samples their newest creations – cupcakes.  You can check out the Cincinnati TasteCasting website here.


2 responses to “I’m in love with the “Southern Belle”

  1. Should I be jealous? I have NEVER heard you talk about me that way!

    The funny part is that I can see you taking a couple nibbles of each cupcake and declaring it your favorite. You have a terrible sweet tooth!

    I am almost surprised that I did not get a call from a local hospital….

    “Mr. Herron?”
    “Yes (With a bit of concern in my voice, because no one calls me Mr. Herron).”
    “Sir, your wife is here and is in stable condition after suffering what we can only guess was a sugar coma. There was frosting in her hair and crumbs of cupcake all around her mouth. Witnesses say that after several tastes she lost it and was going at the cupcakes like a junkie attacks heroin. We believe she will be OK as we have chained her to her bed and she will need to remain her for detox and monitoring. Can you pick her up tomorrow?”
    “Yeah, sure. Thanks for the update. i will make sure to clean out the house of all sugary treats and stock up on rice patties.”

  2. Are you f-ing kidding me. I have never heard of this place before and out of the blue our previous cake plans fall through and I now have a tasting lined up at Maribelle next week.

    We will be doing cake and not cupcakes, so I will have to let you and George know if the cakes stack up to your very high praised cupcakes.


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