I can’t move my arms!

Have you ever been tubing before?  YES!  Great, then you know the pain that I am currently suffering from right at this very moment.  I seriously feel like someone beat my knees with a club and my arms have a very tiny range of motion.  I seriously would like to blam this soreness or “wussitis” on a couple of factors: 

1. I’m getting old – YES, I just turned 27 and can literally say that I am now in my late 20’s!!!  (I think I might puke)

2. The lake was so choppy that I could see the boat get “air” before the tube and I were then getting the same wake that nearly threw me from the tube.  

3. because I’m flipping old!!!

I seriously don’t remember being this sore the last time I went tubing which coincidentally was when I was in my EARLY 20’s!  So, George and others let this be a message to you that you are right age is only a number but my body sure as heck takes being 27 as a whole other experience!


One response to “I can’t move my arms!

  1. You are ridiculous. Your 20’s and 30’s are supposed to be the best 20 years of your life and you are pissed because you are 27?

    You are in pain because you do nothing, except run. Running is good for weight loss and toning, but you NEVER work your arms, so of course they are going to be sore when you do work them. So your, “body getting old” argument is weak. Your body is not old at all.

    Amazing that you are sore considering you were telling Matt to slow down every 5 seconds, if he was going more than 1/2 a mile an hour it was too fast for you.

    I am tired of this, “I am old crap.” It is a number, get over it. You are as old as you act, if you suddenly want to act like you are 75 because you turned 27 then be my guest, but no more complaining.

    The next time you want to write a blog about being old, just do that and don’t disguise it as a, “guess what I did this weekend update!”

    Seriously though, you are in the prime of your life, try and enjoy it, not mourn it.

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