97.3 The Sound, you will be missed!

You will be missed 97.3 The Sound

You will be missed 97.3 The Sound

Today I woke up, got ready for work, had a little skip in my step walking to the car and got in.  Started the engine, checked out myself in the mirror (love my new shades) and turned up my favorite station, 97.3 The Sound, okay we are ready to roll.  NO!  NO, we are not ready to roll.  I had to stop the car, look at the station on my radio display and double check if for some reason it was bumped to B105 or something, nope!  97.3 is officially a country station again, okay fine, I can adjust…I’ll just find 94.9 which was the station for The Sound before it was 97.3.  All in the world will be right again, NOPE!  DAMN, where the heck is 97.3 The Sound?  According to Uncle John Kieswetter’s blog 94.9 has officially changed to, Rewind 9.49 with the hits from the 80’s.  Typically I’m pretty cool with that idea, I love the 80’s, but not today – not when we have 94.1 and 103.5 (yes, they do play 80’s).  C’mon, who else plays new alternative rock?  WEBN – too loud, Q102 – too pop, 94.1 – again… too pop.  Whatever, I really hope other Cincinnatians will join me and rebelling against the radio until they bring THE SOUND back.  My lovely little pink iPod is going to get way more use in the “3” than ever before and I’ll continue to listen to http://www.973thesound.com/ online.  It is a sad day, witty DJ’s will be missed!


3 responses to “97.3 The Sound, you will be missed!

  1. You know me, I stopped listening to FM awhile ago. I was strictly and 1530 Homer guy until recently. I say that because Clear Channel in all their infinite wisdom canceled local morning and afternoon shows and brought on more national shows. They also fired a person that I though had a really good sports mind in C. Trent Rosecrans.

    But this whole back and forth between these two stations has to stop. I know you are upset you lost one of your favorite station, I just wish they would make up their damn mind and leave it alone. that way I can stop messing with my radio pre-set buttons.

  2. i love 97.3 the sound it was the only radio station i would listen to now im stuck listening to WEBN or 96rock which are okay stations but i really want my alernative music!! i mean how many country stations do we need here in cincinnati that was a great station and i think this is horrible to do to the people to listen to this station i bet there is way more people who listened to the sound then to any of thoses country stations. but that just my opinion i just hope when the ecomony gets better that we could maybe get our station back.

    • Thank you for commenting on my post, I completely agree with you. Occasionally I’ll hear one of the DJ’s from The Sound on the Frequency 94.1 station and I’ll get sad because I miss that station still!!!

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