The ‘Strokes’ of life

The Gpa Ottopal

My family has been challenged with my 70 (something) year-old grandpa suffering a stroke on Thursday evening.  This situation has struck quite a chord with me these past couple of days for a few reasons:

1. You look at your only living grandpa and think that he will always be there, hell he is still very active and just recently built a deck on my parents park home.  My grandma and grandpa Ottopal are always the “younger” more active grandparents that always travel and sail and really keep busy.  It was just an eye-opening event that put a realistic spin on the “always be there” part.

2. This is more of a selfish bullet point in the list but now I’m really thinking about how old I’m getting.  I’ve been having a hard time with 27 anyways and this really puts another anchor out there to pull my youth under water forever.  I’m really thinking about all these “adult” things that are going on and I have really just tried to remember all the memories from my childhood.  Today I know I told at least 3 stories about my childhood memories to the hubby and I also drove him all the way out to Miami Market near Rouster’s to get my favorite sandwich and a soft serve swirl ice cream cone.  Why?  All because it reminds me of when I was younger – PATHETIC!!  

Hopefully, the best lesson for me to learn out of this experience is that well, yes, the grandparents won’t always be here forever but I need to enjoy the time that I have with them now.  Sure, it will be different.  My grandpa is going to have to learn how to talk again…..can you believe that?  At 70 (something) years-old he is going to have to learn how to talk and for 1 year he won’t be able to drive.  Another reason for family to jump in and help and an opportunity for me to spend more time with the gpa and gma.


One response to “The ‘Strokes’ of life

  1. Life lessons are always disguised in the worst ways. But, something like this does tend to remind us all of our own mortality.

    The best thing we can learn from “Ol Ed is that life is precious and short to to not only cherish each moment, but to LIVE life as he does. He maybe 70 something, but I have never seen him act that way. We are only here once (unless you are Buddhist).

    Not to worry my dear, I am sure he will be back to growling famous sayings like, “Don’t Ed me, Marylin,” again in no time. He is a proud, strong man and I am sure he will not let this keep him down long!

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