A Tribute to our Soldiers

Not sure what it is but when the universe really wants me to pay attention to something there really is no other way around it. I’m stealing this question from a recent Oprah show I watched but how many of us actually know someone in the military serving overseas right now? How many of us think about those soldiers who are fighting for our safety and freedom every day? Prior to my cousin, Drew, going overseas for his first time I really hadn’t thought about the war that much nor did I “know” anyone serving. Its like when you start thinking about buying a certain car and then all of a sudden you see that particular model on the road and highway all the time. That’s how I feel about our soldiers and their families – they are now constantly on my mind.

Since Drew’s deployment just before Christmas I have been asked to work on a project that to some capacity involves the US Military and how best we can create awareness around this particular organization. I don’t want to mention any details just yet but promise to do so when the project is launched. Also, I recently watched the Oprah Show episode about the bravest families in America featuring; Tom Brokaw, Bob Woodward, and First Lady Michelle Obama. In this episode we met families where the husband was away at war and severely injured, a mother who lost her son during active duty, and a military wife and mother who is constantly moving from city to city supporting her family while her husband is at war. I was so moved by these stories and of course during moments I broke into tears.

Recognition for those serving in the military

The biggest “take-away” that I learned from this show was that there are still so many families being effected every day by the war and many of them don’t have the support that they greatly deserve. What can we do? This was my favorite part of the show and the one that I’m most excited to take some action in my own neighborhood. The littlest things matter and recognizing your neighbors who have family members in battle is easy when they post such banners in their windows at their home. You can give these neighbors a simple Thank You note, shovel their driveway, ask if you can send their family member a care package and what they like to get from home. Again, the littlest things can make the biggest difference. One local company is ensuring that our soldiers get a free Welcome-Home party to thank them and to give them a taste of Cincinnati. Gold Star Chili calls this program, “Serving Our Troops.” I think there is a two-week notification period but this seems like a great way to get 19 friends + soldier in one place for a little Cincinnati-style party.

I also want to recognize Military wives who are supporting their family while their husbands are away at war. I have such a friend who is now getting ready to move to a new city and home her fourth time in four years and she thinks this is good compared to others. I think that is crazy and can’t seem to think of my life being uprooted that many times in 4 years. I commend these women who not only are living their lives without their significant other but they are also trying to help their spouse transition back into their normal everyday life that live day after day without them while they are at war. Can you imagine re-introducing your husband to the morning routine before the kids go off to school because he has been overseas for 18 months?

I am finally realizing the sacrifices that those who serve and their families make everyday. Thank you to my cousin, Drew, and thank you to the many other men and women who allow the rest of us to feel safe and free everyday.

Fat Jeans for My Girlfriends

Have you missed my rants? I know that one friend (a-hem Kendra) loves them and thinks that they are funny. I haven’t been in a rant-kind-of-mood lately but I really got heated after driving north on I-71 after being at work downtown yesterday. Going up 71 listening to Pandora (I love you iPhone) and then out of the corner of my eye I see a billboard that reads something like, “Give your fat jeans to your girlfriend.” REALLY? That’s what girlfriends do these days? They just give their “FAT” jeans to each other. When was the last time you asked your friend if she wanted your “FAT” jeans to wear? I’m assuming that you have never asked that of your friend because you are FRIENDS!

What was the billboard message for? Again, I was driving up 71 from work and I didn’t have time to give it my full attention but I believe it was for a fitness club called, Keep it Tight Fitness, located here in Cincinnati. I don’t want to harp too much on a local fitness club especially when it is a boutique shop and not some over-hyped big box fitness center but I couldn’t help to think how harsh that message was for me. After seeing that billboard I keep replaying a conversation in my head similar to this:

“hey, I don’t fit in my fat jeans anymore but thought maybe I could pass them along to you.”

“oh thanks, I love when my friends pass me the jeans that don’t fit them because they have lost weight and I am in need of jeans that used to be their size, how did you know I wanted your fat jeans?”

Would you want her to give you her "FAT" jeans?

Could you imagine that conversation? I’m obviously exaggerating a bit but that is what the billboard made me think about.  Maybe that is the idea, get the overweight chicks to think about their friend passing them the fat jeans – is it reverse psychology? Am I being too sensitive? What do you think about the billboard? Did you see it and if you did, what did it make you think about if anything at all? I love marketing and I love a good discussion, so let’s hear your thoughts.

Where did I find this ad?

In my efforts today of checking out websites for prospects that I plan to call on I came across this interesting ad.  Before I call on a prospect whether it is a warm lead or a cold call I do research on the website.  This particular website had this little ad that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share with you.  So, where did it come from?  What do you think it is advertising?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you guess it right I’ll give you a Caramel Apple sucker that is sure to please!

Here is the ad:

What is this advertising?

Pretty funny, huh?  So here are your hints to help you guess although I’m not sure how much they will help.

{Hint #1} The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH

{Hint #2} The company is on the Cincinnati 100 list that was shared in the Cincinnati Enquirer this past Sunday in the Business Section.

{Hint #3} They are considered to be in a couple of industries one begin healthcare and another being hospitality.

Do you have a guess yet?  Either way this ad still cracks me up.  Submit your guesses and if you win I’ll send you or hand deliver (depending on where you are) the most yummy seasonal sucker you’ll ever have in your life.

NFL for Women

Yesterday I was watching the dreadful Bengals game with my husband when I noticed something pretty important.  There weren’t any commercials geared towards women, but am I the only woman watching football on a Sunday with my husband?  No, according to research by the NFL and The Nielsen Company there are more than 45 million women tuning in to watch the beloved sport each weekend.  45 MILLION women tuning in to watch football and we don’t even get a single commercial, that is just crazy talk.  I can’t tell you how many truck commercials and beer commercials and men shaving commercials I watched yesterday and the interesting thing is that I am the main shopper of the household.  I would go out on a limb to say that most households are the same way, so why don’t they show commercials for women?

A print ad from the “N.F.L. Women's Apparel, Fit For You” campaign. (http://www.nytimes.com)

They don’t have to be tampon commercials, we obviously like beer and football too or else we wouldn’t be sitting with you on the couch all day on Sundays.  I could see a great beer commercial with women, not women wearing scandalous clothes but normal looking women that like to sit on the couch and watch football too.  Or a commercial for women that advertises NFL gear, specifically the Alyssa Milano line would be nice.  Here is another fun stat, according to research by the Nielsen Company, an average of 41.9 million women 18 and older watched Super Bowl XLIV — the most on record, and more than watched the Academy Awards this year.  Don’t you think they should get this right before we get to the next Super Bowl?

What are your thoughts?  Guy or gal, I’d love to hear what you think on this topic.

All stats used in this blog were taken from an article from the NY Times – http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/26/business/media/26adco.html The idea for the blog was allllll mine!

Some introductions need to be made.

Yesterday I made a fatal mistake on Facebook and posted something about my horrible heartburn I was having in the middle of the night.  Why is this a fatal mistake, because heartburn is connected to pregnancy and my little secret quickly crept out between the hours of 3:00 am and 10:00 am when I got to work and checked my Facebook newsfeed.  How was I supposed to know?  Did you know that heartburn is also linked to babies with lots of hair?  Love those old wives tales I keep hearing!

also a slight plug for Clearblue

Officially I feel like there needs to be an introduction to our little lime also known as Baby Herron.  {cheers, clapping, hooting and hollering}  Don’t worry, I’m not completely changing the direction of this blog into a “Mom Blog” but if you want those updates you can check out my newest blog The Herron Nest. As a request to one of my readers, I will track the big milestones and keep you posted as to whether or not the Herron family is Team Pink or Team Blue.  Stay tuned….we are a little over a month away from that news!

For other Baby Herron updates you can follow my hilarious husband also known as Mr. Preggers on Twitter.  We all know how the pregnant women feel but what exactly is going through the man’s head as they he is supporting his pregger wife?  Mr. Preggers will fill you in on all the honest and hilarious details.

So when are we having this baby?  One can never be too sure but the due date they gave us is April 1st.  That’s right, April Fools Day!  I’m crossing my fingers to have the baby on the 1st but I’m not sure Baby Herron will like that too much when they are old enough to understand that it is a day full of jokes.

Thanks again for all the well wishes you gave me on Facebook, we hope to have a happy and healthy Baby Herron.

NFL Foodies beware!

I feel like it is two-time Tuesday because you are getting 2 blogs in one day from me.  The truth of the matter is I’m just so darn excited about the upcoming football season.  Do you live in Cincinnati?  If you do and you drive downtown, check out the Nationwide billboard on I-71 South because it is an awesome Cincinnati Bengals kick-off countdown.  People, we are at 5 days till Who-dey time.

Fast-forward 5 days to Sunday morning when your hubby or significant other tells you in passing that 10 of his personal friends and their spouse will be over for kick-off.  What to serve?  Don’t panic, I’m a mastermind of the quick dips and will leave you with some tips to help you get through the football hunger season.

First, lets get to the basic “must-haves” in the kitchen:

  • Light Mayo
  • Light Sour cream
  • Dip seasoning
  • Beer
  • Chips
  • Veggies
  • Pretzels
  • Crackers

{Here are 4 snacks that will be a cinch to whip up for your man and his clan}

Use the mayo and sour cream to help make an assortment of dips.  I always keep these two staple items in my fridge because all I have to do is mix a cup of each + dip seasoning and I’m done!  You can mix 4 different dips to easily pair with pretzels, crackers, chips and veggies.  That leaves you with FOUR great appetizers that will tie over a group for an entire game if you bring one new app out for each quarter.  Obviously the beer is an added bonus to help wash down those yummy treats!

EWWW! Who would eat anything out of these containers?

Keep checking back each week as I’ll have another quick appetizer or go-to meal to serve your buddies during the NFL season.  One quick tip to do now, get out to your local Kroger and pick up your favorite team napkins and plates.  Stock up now so you have enough to last you all season as these will go fast.


Fantasy Football Virgin

Tis the season full of Football and this year will be my first year freaking out over my fantasy players.  Every year for as long as I can remember my husband has been in at least a couple of fantasy football leagues and I mildly had interest in joining.  He has a “keeper” league that you pay into and I again had mild interest.  But this year I got the sacred invite to his free league and I accepted.

You can’t just jump into a fantasy league draft and expect to do good, there is homework and planning involved that will help the draft run smoothly.  George worked with me on making sure I understood what the best positions there were to draft and when, there is actually strategy!  I’m not sure I can give away these secrets but just know that because I learned I was able to draft a pretty good team for my first time.

ummm.... NO, you may not!

One of my favorite parts of the draft was the online chat trash talk, oh yea I was serving some pretty nasty digs at my fellow drafters last night.  For instance, you get 1:30 to make your draft pick when it is your turn.  I did my homework so I would make my picks almost instantly when it was my turn to draft but this fella right next to me would LITERALLY take his sweet a$$ time and take his full 1:30 to make a pick.  So I went ahead and talked some trash about how long it was taking him to pick.  I eventually backed down but it was still fun.  Then someone picked a kicker pretty early (when I say pretty early I mean it wasn’t the last pick……all part of strategy!) and I had to trash talk about that!

Do you want to know who I’m going to be rooting for this NFL Season?  I figured you were on the edge of your seat!

  • QB – Matt Ryan
  • WR – Reggie Wayne
  • WR – DeSean Jackson
  • RB – Maurice Jones-Drew
  • RB – Matt Forte
  • TE – Brent Celek
  • W/R (flex pos.) – Joseph Addai
  • Defense – Philadelphia Eagles
  • Kicker – Lawrence Tynes (who, yea I don’t know either but he’s a kicker so who cares!)

The rest are Bench Players but I’ll let you know who I have for the back up roster:

  • WR – Terrell Owens
  • RB – Clinton Portis
  • QB – Donovan McNabb
  • TE – Chris Cooley
  • RB – Darren Sproles
  • WR – Arrelious Benn

I’m excited to be a part of this club and can’t wait for the kick-offs to begin this amazing season!  I’ll keep you posted on how I do week-to-week but I’m hoping to at least be 3rd place for my first time!

The Cuban Missile

Let me preface this blog post by stating that I’m NOT trying to compete with my husband’s blog.  If you want to read more about sports then you are on the wrong blog, check out http://www.battleforohio.com and that will surely give you the sports fix you are needing.  I’d like to categorize this post under “Rant a little Wednesdays” and you will soon realize why I did that!

George and I watched the Reds game last night after eating at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, El Pueblo.  I have to admit that before this season if my husband ever wanted to watch the Reds game on TV I would silently groan a bit because I really just didn’t ever want to torture myself with that kind of boredom.  But last night I was actually excited to watch the game and I’m glad I did, sort of.  I think we turned on the tube at the 6th inning and LeCure was pitching.  The game was pretty exciting and at this point the announcers were hinting that the “Cuban Missile” was to make an appearance at the pitchers mound, Aroldis Chapman was to make his MLB debut.

Chapmania was happening at the GABP while Aroldis made his way to the mound, everyone was super stoked and stood for the entire time he pitched (one inning).  I was also extremely excited BUT there was this one super annoyance I have with Mr. Chapmania…..the way that man chomps on his gum.  GROSS!  It is so disgusting, like the way a horse rolls hay around in its mouth or like my brother, Brian, chews his gum.  Have you ever seen Brian chew gum?  Don’t even try it near me because I make him spit it out as soon as he gets it in his mouth.  Totally annoying.  Want to see  for yourself Aroldis chomp on gum?  Check out the first minute or so of this video: 

I know, I know, I’m pretty judgmental but I couldn’t help not talking about this because it bothered me the entire time he was throwing pretty “sick” pitches.  I’m excited to see his career as a Redleg but I hope that no one hands him a bag of Big Chew before he leaves the bullpen.

HOLY Guacamole

Let me go ahead and preface this post with the following statement, I am not a food blogger nor do I claim to be one with this post.  If you are looking for a more professional food blog you could hit up The Food Hussy, she has a fabulous food blog that is updated all the time with great foods and places to eat.  I’m merely trying to give my opinion on one of the best foods that I’m in love with right now, guacamole!

Why am I writing a post about guacamole?  I’m not a guacamole connoisseur but I have had my fair share of good and bad guacamole and yesterday I found a new one to try.  I was walking through Whole Foods in Rookwood looking for an old favorite of jalapeño hummus and pita chips but then in the produce section when you first walk in was this sample of guac.  I’m not one to sample foods especially when it isn’t manned but the guac was calling to me and I was dying to give in, so I did.  WOW, taste buds were happy with my decision and I threw 2 containers in the cart (little did I know they were over $4 a piece).

You must try this!

When I got home I had to dig in and now today at work this container was packed with my lunch.  I know I know, I’m obsessed!  But this isn’t the only great guacamole I’ve had, let me list out the other great guacs that make my MUST EAT list.  In no particular order:

1. Chipotle – there is something about their guacamole and lime chips that I can’t get enough of in one sitting.  They have the perfect proportion of lime, onion, salt, guac and whatever else is in there that makes this guac so tasty.

2. My Bestie’s – no, this is not a brand you don’t know about this is my bestie Kendra’s recipe.  Kendra claims that she got the recipe from Chipotle but part of me thinks she added her own flavor because this guac is damn good.

3. Nada – Have you ever been to Nada downtown Cincinnati?  Their combo of guac and homemade chips is mouth watering.  One of my favorite places to go if I’m feeling swanky Mexican but on the cheap because I can get an order of the guac/chips and a drink and walk out of there with tummy full and not breaking the bank.

Do you have a favorite guacamole that you want to share?  Or maybe you have a recipe?  If you leave me a recipe I’ll try to make it or maybe I’ll send it over to Kendra because she owes me a batch!  Leave me a note!



To me it feels like Christmas is coming early because blueberry season is just around the corner. Typically, blueberry season at Rouster’s Berry Patch doesn’t start till the last weekend in June or the first weekend in July. Not this year! This year blueberries will be ready for you to pick this Saturday, June 19th.   Here’s the scoop:

{What} Rouster’s Berry Patch has blueberries and thornless blackberries that are U-Pick. Literally, you (and the whole family) pick them! Don’t worry this really isn’t back-breaking hard work but you will want to get there early for the easier picking. Most bushes are right at eye-level height and picking these ripe berries with the whole family makes for a great outing. Don’t worry if your kids eat the berries while they are out in the patch….we weigh them and will just charge you as you leave, haha!  This weekend is the start of the Blueberries only, the blackberries won’t be ready just yet.

{Where} Rouster’s Berry Patch is located on State Route 131 across from the Apple House which is located at 1986 State Route 131, Milford, OH 45150. If you are coming up through Milford on 131 the Berry Patch will be on your right side. Look for the flaggers as they will direct you where to park.

{When} Rouster’s Berry Patch will have its first U-Pick weekend on June 19, 2010. Typical time you will want to get there will be by 7:30/7:45am because the patch will be open from 8am to noon. I do NOT suggest getting there by 11 if you expect to get the best berries or the “easiest-to-pick” berries.

{How} Once you get to the patch and get the family SUV parked then what?  You will want to stop in at the Berry Barn to pick up your buckets.  These white buckets will be lined with Rouster berry bags ready for you to fill.  You will want to dress ready to pick out in a patch with the possibility of getting a bit wet from the dew in the grass.  My suggestion would be an old pair of sneakers or cute golashes with a t-shirt and shorts/pants as you could go far out in the patch with some distance walking.

{Pricing} U-Pick Blueberries are $2.50 per lb and U-Pick Thornless Blackberries (when they are in season, possibly July) are $3.00 per lb.  Payment can be made via Cash or Check (with a valid drivers license) only.  Sorry no Credit Cards out in the country!

{Other} For some general rules or slight reminders:

~ Look for your “Berry Guide” to give you directions on which rows to pick in.  We try to keep the masses all going down specific rows to pick so that we can ensure all berries are picked well enough to grow back for the week after.  We will keep you all in one direction but there will be plenty to pick from.  Your “Berry Guides” for the season will be Me (Jesy), John, Carol, Karen, Dan and other helpful volunteers.

~ Please be friendly to your neighbor U-picker.  If you are picking on a bush and a fellow picker comes along and also picks on “your” bush, it is okay because there are plenty of berries to go around.

Do you think this looks like a blueberry?

~ You can purchase water bottles and Cider Pops (my personal fav!) from the Berry Barn to help cool off from all the picking!

~ There is a pond on the property so please keep an eye on your little ones.  We don’t let kids near the pond unless they are with a parent.

~ Have FUN!

We hope you join us this summer at the patch and if you see me (I made a t-shirt on Cafepress.com with my name on the back) make sure to come say hello.